“What the fuck is this?” Melillo’s answer – Il Tempo

“What the fuck is this?” Melillo’s answer – Il Tempo
“What the fuck is this?” Melillo’s answer – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

01 April 2021

Elettra Lamborghini irrepressible in the sixth episode ofIsland of the Famous 2021, Thursday 1 April: “What a bitch is this?“. After two weeks, hunger makes itself felt making the castaways fight, especially if someone is forgotten. The leader Angela Melillo she did not realize she had made the portions of rice leaving them out Miryea Stable who has had a fit of crying. Ilary Blasi he asked how it was possible and Melillo apologized for the terrible distraction: “It’s not that I forgot to give the rice, God forbid, I had made the portion, but then I never saw it again. He wasn’t there, he was in the confessional … “and Elettra Lamborghini blurted out:” What a bitch is this excuse? Look how your bad temper comes out! ”.

Blasi is taken by surprise: “Elettra sorry ?! Do you think they did it on purpose? ” and the heiress: “Oh yes, how can you not let a person eat, I don’t know… and none of you could have given a little rice? From the images you can see that you still had some ”. And in fact Melillo extinguishes the criticism by revealing that three of them had offered to give her their own rice: “Of course we told her we gave it to her, in the end it was I who gave her my rice while remaining fasting”. And Miryea confirms. Much ado about nothing.

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