“You’re wrong to do the choreography”, the other “but what do you want?” – Baritalia News

“You’re wrong to do the choreography”, the other “but what do you want?” – Baritalia News
“You’re wrong to do the choreography”, the other “but what do you want?” – Baritalia News

Strip the news, the satirical news broadcast every night after Tg5, knows no tiredness.

It is very popular and beloved and some time ago the viewers were very upset when they learned the news that one of the most loved couples running the program for many years, alternating with others, the one formed by Ficarra and Picone they abandoned the program.

It was never known what was behind that decision but this historic collaboration has ended. Now the couples who take turns and who really like them are those formed by Enzo Iacchetti and Ezio crude e Gerry Scotti with Michelle Hunziker.

The quarrel breaks out behind the scenes between the two showgirls

Yesterday on the site of Strip the news A video of a very heated quarrel between the two tissues, Shaila Gatta and Mikaela Neaze Silva who, engaged in the tests of the stacchetti, had the opportunity to blame each other for the errors that had led to the tests last longer than expected. The studio assistants also shot and scolded them and the choreographer took them very hard by telling them: “Two hours this morning, it doesn’t exist! “ and one of the two showgirls answered in a very annoyed tone: “No, it exists!”.

After this reply, the choreographer left the studio and the two showgirls started arguing, saying to each other: “What the fuck do you want from me, I don’t understand? “.

E Mikaela in return: “That is, you made the wrong choreography, you did not make the right counts and are you complaining? Always complaining, look at this“.

Then when the tension was very high, the study assistant tried to calm the spirits.

One of the study assistants proposed “let’s do it again”, but Shaila Gatta, beside himself, he said: “I’m leaving” and left the studio.

Soon after too Mikaela she’s gone. The study assistant, incredulous in front of that scene, was speechless until the two showgirls and the choreographer came back laughing and shouting “April Fool!!”

Michelle Hunziker also gives Gerry Scotti an April Fool

Also Michelle Hunziker made an April Fool a Gerry Scotti scolding him live in front of the cameras because he was using too high a tone of voice while the little dog Astra He was sleeping. At first Gerry Scotti it was pretty bad but then the Hunziker prompted him to look to his right where it was written: “April Fool!” e Gerry Scotti he said: “You gave me a shot“.

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