Ridge is disappointed in Brooke

Ridge is disappointed in Brooke
Ridge is disappointed in Brooke
In the new episode of Beautiful today April 2, 2021: Hope sees Liam and Steffy kissing, Ridge is worried about Douglas, Ridge and Brooke collide again

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In the advances of Beautiful today April 2: Hope see Liam and Steffy kissing. Ridge after being made aware of the ultimatum of Liam is worried about Douglas and for the consequences it can have on him. Ridge e Brooke once again they find themselves arguing because of Thomas.

Hope sees Liam and Steffy kissing

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Liam demanded from Hope to leave the Forrester out of their life and also give up custody of Douglas. Hope uncertain, she asked advice from Brooke who convinced her to accept the requests of the Spencer. The young woman Logan then he reached Liam to the cliff house to accept his proposal. Thomas he overheard the conversation between the two Logan and warned Steffy of the arrival of Hope who wants to recover Liam. Steffy, saddened by the news, she follows her brother’s advice to kiss Liam before Hope.

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Hope furious, she verbally assaults Steffy e Liam.

Ridge He cares about Douglas


Meantime Brooke informs Ridge, of the marriage proposal of Spencer to his daughter and the conditions for marrying her. Ridge is embittered, having Brooke recommended Hope to accept requests for Liam, as well as being concerned about Douglas, who might feel abandoned. The Forrester he does not understand how his wife did not take into consideration the consequences that the situation could have on the baby Douglas.

Ridge and Brooke collide again

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The Piccolo has been orphaned by his mother for less than a year and feeling rejected by Hope it could be a big blow. Ridge he is very concerned about how he might feel Douglas and, once again, argue with Brooke because of Thomas, blaming her for giving her daughter the wrong advice, just on a whim of Liam which, according to Ridge, claims lying, that he was threatened by Thomas. There is a new clash between the two spouses and the already tense situation risks worsening due to the kiss between Steffy e Liam of which the two are still unaware.

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