“As soon as I take off my jacket I hear whistles and other crap” – Corriere.it

“As soon as I take off my jacket I hear whistles and other crap” – Corriere.it
“As soon as I take off my jacket I hear whistles and other crap” – Corriere.it

Very. I didn’t expect such offensive comments, especially from women.

In a video released on social media, she denounced the so-called catcalling, that phenomenon – unfortunately very common – whereby women are booed in the street and addressed with sexist comments.

It seemed right to do so because many women do not have the strength to react to what is now considered normal practice. But those who whistle, or say worse, don’t know what it’s like. Fear, humiliation.

Aurora Ramazzotti he said it clearly in the video, with that spontaneity that he usually wears on social networks: It is possible that in 2021 the phenomenon of catcalling? As soon as I take off my sports jacket because I’m running and it’s hot I have to hear boos, sexist comments and other crap. It sucks me and if you are someone who does it, you make me sick. And the responses to the sentences of the twenty-four-year-old presenter, daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker, were thrilling. From the kindest (But who sees you?), Down to the bottom of the repertoire of haters, who have been targeting her for years.

In one of the stories she posted on Instagram, she admits that this time it hurts more than usual.

In the meantime, because women also intervened. And then because some comments suggest that the cat calling “You have to deserve it,” that I’m not pretty enough for a boo in the street or a sexist comment.

As if this form of harassment were a reward.

Yes, I find it absurd. Thanks to my mother’s activity (Hunziker has been leading the Double Defense Foundation for years together with Giulia Bongiorno, ed) I grew up with a certain awareness and I know that there are women who even avoid taking public transport for fear of harassment. There are those who turn their keys in their hands as they cross an isolated parking lot in the evening. How do you answer that the cat calling does it require certain requirements ?.

Confusing harassment with a very common kind appreciation?

It would seem. I think I can distinguish a kind phrase, a compliment, from a form of verbal harassment. Of course, there is much heavier harassment, not to mention assaults and physical violence, for I to men I say: put yourself in the shoes of a woman who is walking alone on the street or running in a deserted park. How do you think he can react when you whistle and get his attention as if he were a dog? There are women who have stopped dressing the way they want so as not to attract embarrassing glances.

I fear that it is such a normalized practice as to be unpleasant – paradoxically – an intervention like mine.

The typical answer, in these cases, is: Now you can’t even give them a compliment anymore. How to replicate?

You recognize the compliment. In the meantime, why is it not addressed to you while you are alone, on the street and are doing something else. It is addressed to you in other situations, when you come into contact with respect and understand that the woman is at ease. But do you know what hurt me the most?

That many have linked this outburst of mine to the photo in which I showed my imperfect skin, the one I spread some time ago. The speech was more or less this: first she complains about bad skin and then she complains if they give her a compliment. It means not having understood anything, not having understood neither the first nor the second message. Even when I posted the acne photo they said I was doing it to advertise.

His mother was stalked. How does one grow up with this persecutory shadow beside us

You end up never being alone, but always accompanied by someone.

Do you think that in this phase the support of those men who respect women and who do not recognize themselves in the category of cat callers is necessary?

Very important. The condemnation on their part becomes a change of pace. We need men, not only in this battle but also in many others. For example, the one for equal pay. Yet even I, who am an optimist, feel depressed in the face of this challenge. Let’s change subject.

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