Buckingham Palace, revealed the name of the racist royal who insulted little Archie

Buckingham Palace, revealed the name of the racist royal who insulted little Archie
Buckingham Palace, revealed the name of the racist royal who insulted little Archie

The media echo aroused by theinterview of Meghan and Harry on the microphones of their friend Oprah Winfrey, and on the other hand, given the hot contents, it could not be otherwise. The sovereign herself, in an official note from Buckingham Palace, had reported her displeasure for the accusations of the nephew, especially for that of racism. And what if it was one of the ones who put the grandson to flight and shake the secular institution more discreet and less prominent members of the Royal Family?

Meghan’s accusation during the interview was direct, but obscure, aimed at maintaining the anonymity of the perpetrator: “In the Palace there were those who speculated that my son should not have received any royal title. They wondered how dark the baby’s skin could be… And quickly these speeches fueled a smear campaign ”.

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The name of the racist royal revealed?

The inevitable hunt for the culprit of these comments, also solicited by Elizabeth II herself, cleared of the accusations by the same nephew but also by Meghan Markle.

The journalist Colin Campbell dropped the bomb, according to which it was Princess Anne, second child of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, who spoke out loud about the color of Archie’s skin.

Although Prince William declares the whole family to be innocent, the royal reporter believes she knows the truth and in his speech for the ‘Daily Mail’ he says: “When the Sussexes told that episode they were referring to Princess Anna”.

But the accusations are accompanied by an even longer defense. In fact, according to the journalist there would have been a more or less voluntary misunderstanding, given the bad relationship between the daughter of the sovereign and the former American actress: “The color of the skin has nothing to do with it. His concern was about Meghan’s inability to adapt to the role, her background far from the Palazzo protocols, she saw risks on the horizon ”.

These words are expected to cause a stir and uproar, like words whose clamor they were meant to mitigate. Whatever the princess said and whatever their intentions were, it just feels like real dislikes are really real.

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