Isola 15, the summary of the sixth episode

Isola 15, the summary of the sixth episode
Isola 15, the summary of the sixth episode

The sixth episode of theIsola 15. Massimiliano Rosolino immediately announced that Paul Gascoignedespite the injury, he is ready to return to the game. The former footballer has therefore made his entry into Palapa with a brace on the arm. Obviously he will no longer be able to participate in the games and will have to sleep on the cot. All the castaways accepted these conditions and welcomed him with open arms.

It was then to take the floor Awed who apologized to Francesca Lodo it’s at Gilles Rocca after the fight on Monday evening. Some castaways, however, said they were not convinced of the repentance of Awed, between these Roberto Ciufoli and the Mud. The two said that, according to them, if she was still in the game Vera Gemma the boy would have had a different attitude.

Then there was talk of a moment of crisis for the former pupa Miryea Stable. Angela Melillo in fact he forgot to give his portion of rice to the girl causing her reaction. At the end Angela he gave her his rice.

It was then to get angry Daniela Martani that she collided with Valentina persia e Gilles Rocca. The former gieffina is in fact encountering difficulties due to her being vegan and for this reason she would like more rice than her companions who, unlike her, eat fish. “Rice should be divided equally even if you are vegan“, The comedian told the Martani. “I am not vegan on a whim, but for a lifestyle choice. I have to be respected for that“, He replied Daniela.

Drusilla Gucci instead she admitted to being very nervous these days due to hunger. For this he had a discussion with the Stable with whom he seemed to have established a good relationship.

Gilles, Drusilla and the two nominees then moved on to Playa Palapa. The Gucci she challenged herself with Miryea, Rocca with Awed. The goal of the test is to recover totems as quickly as possible. The winners were entitled to a chocolate bar. The first to triumph was Gilles, on the other hand, among women it was the winner Miryea. They both shared the award with the rest of the group. Daniela she complained that she could not use the milk chocolate. To remain dry-mouthed too Beppe Braida as allergic to lactose.

Then the time has come for elimination. Between Awed and the Stable having to leave Palapa it was the ex pupa who gave her “Judas kiss” to Drusilla which has thus won the first nomination of the evening.

Ilary it then connected with Parasite Island and announced a Fariba Tehrani e Ubaldo Lanzo who will join the other islanders tonight. Instead, a televoting was opened for Vera e Brando Giorgi because I am one of them will be able to continue the adventure in Honduras.

For the reward test of the sixth episode ofIsola 15 the production offered competitors a pizza. The competitors had to work together to hit targets located in the middle of the sea. The castaways were thus awarded only four pieces of pizza to share for everyone.

Between Brando e Vera, it is the actor who can re-enter the game. For the Gemma, on the other hand, a difficult future lies ahead. At first she was led to believe that she had been permanently eliminated. Subsequently the Blasi he proposed to stay alone on Parasite Island which from this moment takes its name Esperanza Beach. The Roman accepted the challenge. Surprisingly, however, it was to reach it Miryea and she too has decided to stay. Giorgi, the Tehrani e Lanzo instead they joined the other islanders.

Andrea Cerioli he was then called to the confessional. In recent days, the former tronista had confessed his greatest desire: to become a dad. His girlfriend in the studio Arianna Cirrincione who tried to make him strong and encouraged him to continue this experience.

Proof leader also this evening took place in two some. During the first, the best were the results Francesca e Gilles. The two then challenged each other in the trial by fire and to win the necklace of leader it was the Mud.

The time has come for the nominations. Valentina, Beppe e Angela they nominated Drusilla. Awed, Andrea e Gilles they made the name of Daniela, while the Gucci that of Ciufoli. Roberto he nominated Awed, the Martani ed Elisa they indicated Rocca.

Arrived in the confessional, Cerioli he expressed his strong discomfort. “I know Arianna he tells me that I’m making a figure of the dead, I’m probably not suitable for this reality show. I’ll never be able to wait for the camera to give someone a pat. I can’t behave like that“, Explained the former gieffino.

The nominee of the group is Drusilla, while the leader has decided to send to televoting Daniela. They will therefore be the Gucci and the Martani and submit to the judgment of the public.

What do you think of the sixth episode ofIsola 15? Have you followed her?

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