Feminism and information: Cheap Festival in Bologna

Cheap Festival posters are back on the street in Bologna. In addition to public art interventions on feminism and the counter campaign against the prolife, there is also a “post” call for artist.

The Cheap Festival artistic collective returns to the streets of Bologna with the second cooperation with School of Feminism. The new intervention of public art TITS OUT leads to the street a reflection on the sexualization of the woman’s body, in particular on the female breast. Through images and graphics, the collective faces a political-cultural discourse that challenges dogmas and problematic aspects of our society, as limiting for women and their self-determination.
In the age of social media, selfies and influencers, the question is on the agenda: “Your post does not comply with our community guidelines: removal for nudity or sexual acts. This is what happens if a photo is published on Instagram with a barely visible female nipple (so much so that the collective, to publish the images of the billboards on social media, had to censor the nipple in the photograph). But it is not ‘just’ censorship; unhinging these concepts rooted and assimilated in common thought means redesigning a more equal scheme of taste, aesthetics and bodies.


After the ministerial update on the Ru486 abortion pill guidelines, many cities were filled with billboards prolife. From the abortion pill presented ‘poisonous like Snow White’s apple’ to dissuasive and far from scientifically correct slogans.
In reaction to this – and in support of Maghweb’s counter-campaign – Cheap was activated, regaining possession of the urban space with its claims. “RU486 is not a poison. The real poison is misinformation“The collective thus opposes, opposing anti-abortion campaigns and placing itself in favor of a real and scientific awareness, which goes against the dissemination of manipulated and misleading messages on such a delicate issue, which concerns the rights and above all the health of women. As Sara Manfredi, belonging to the Cheap Festival artistic collective, explains, “we decided to post a poster in our spaces that brings the discussion back to the right level: the scientific one”.

Cheap Festival. Bologna. Photo Margherita Caprilli


Nothing lasts forever. Which is fortunate, because it assumes the possibility of a change. Yesterday Today Tomorrow“. This is how Cheap Festival presents the annual invitation to the call for artist POST, which will remain open until June. A push to reflect on the complexity of our present and the consequences that will follow.
Although still difficult to imagine, there will be a later, a post pandemic, but which dystopian world will be waiting for us? Democracy, rights, emancipation, society. How can the world be changed? What can be, and what must not be, the alternative to our present? These are the questions that Cheap proposes to question. We will come out several, probably, but how?

Marlene L. Müller



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