after Fedez and Elodie the words of the singer on Instagram-

“Is crucial approve the Zan law. I have always thought that discrimination based on sex, gender identity and sexual orientation should be condemned. It happened to me several times than witnessing such scenes helplessly, especially during my teens. At times, perhaps out of fear or weakness, I found myself helpless in the face of situations that were and are violence for me. Violence that kills everyone’s freedom to be themselves. I am now 28 years old and I feel I have, like everyone else, the responsibility of supporting this bill ». Mahmood too, with these words entrusted to the stories of Instagram, he intervened in support of the law against homotransphobia, after several artists have already made their voices heard to underline the urgency of its approval and to protest against the postponement of the discussion in parliament.

The words of Fedez and the attack on Senator Pillon

To be heard yesterday was Fedez, addressing the senator of the League Simone Pillon as a father: «Senator Pillon says that the Zan bill is not a priority. But if you have based your entire political career dealing solely and exclusively with these issues. I’ll tell you something as a father, Mr. Pillon. I have a three year old son who plays with dolls. This does not arouse any kind of disturbance in me, and it would not arouse any kind of disturbance in me even if one day she were to feel the need to put on makeup, to put on lipstick, to put on nail polish or a skirt, because my son has the right to express yourself as you see fit, ”the rapper had said.

From Elodie to Levante

Fedez in turn referred to question and answer via social media between Elodie, which he had defined as “unworthy” the parliamentarians who had postponed the discussion of the law e Senator Pillon himself who had replied to the singer by replying that “evaluations on ideological, useless and divisive laws can wait”. The Levante songwriter who in a tweet addressed to the senator wrote: “It is never too late to start a therapy path that helps her to understand the importance of the other, the right of the other to be whoever she wants (freely) and the duty of one been to protect their freedom “

April 1, 2021 (change April 1, 2021 | 4:30 pm)



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