Max Pezzali and his wife Debora Pelamatti from friends to … a great love!

Max Pezzali and his wife Debora Pelamatti from friends to … a great love!
Max Pezzali and his wife Debora Pelamatti from friends to … a great love!
Happy birthday to you Pisces, one of the last useful days to blow out the candles and what a birthday this will be, absolutely perfect at least from the point of view of the stars. To make you happy, in addition to Venus, Neptune and the Sun in the sign (in turn a good friend of Pluto), Mercury who reached him tonight, further enhancing your already fervent creative vein. Good friend also the Moon in the second house for the whole morning, but in sextile, in Taurus, from the afternoon, when it promises you good deals, peaceful talks and simple and natural pleasures, in line with your character and with the very limited possibilities of the moment. .

Love and eros: love is within you, it lives in your heart, it breathes with your own breath. That is why loving others – your partner, children, friends, relatives, the whole of humanity – comes naturally to you. A pinch of possessiveness immediately overcome, all human beings as such have rights equal to yours, never forget that.

Work and money: always available for colleagues, friends or anyone who needs a hand. Intuition always comes to the point, you have creativity to sell and even if you don’t know how to be authoritative, others recognize that special talent, that spark that few have and among those few there are you too! Surprisingly easy studies, business, contacts with the public, even from a distance you are so convincing that it seems to look into your eyes, already prisoners of your magnetism.
Welfare: a burn in the throat does not matter, it happens when, feeling already in the middle of spring, you leave the house early in the morning with too light clothing or, on the contrary, you dress too much, with the risk of sweating. In short, your season sometimes manages to betray you, but apart from a few minor hiccups, you can rejoice with yourself and with your lucky stars: in a world that is suffering, physically you are fine. Emotionally, however, you could feel better, were it not for your sensitivity so delicate that it takes on the pain of others by doing it your own. Right, but don’t cry, rather roll up your sleeves and lend a hand: in any area, choose the one that best suits your way of being, your help will be precious. People, animals, plants, Mother Earth also need you, give her the ok by dressing in her color. And green is also in the lifestyle, but possibly not in your pockets!

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