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1Marriage at first sight 6: the final choice

The broadcasting of Marriage at first sight 6, we will soon reach the end of the program and therefore we wonder what happened between the couples after the four weeks of experiment. Thanks to DiscoveryPlus, in which all the episodes have been loaded, we can anticipate the final decisions.

We can already tell you that not all of them will choose to continue the marriage. But there will also be a couple who will come to the choice in front of the experts with a doubt and an unexpected confrontation that took place the day before. So let’s see in detail the final choice of each couple.

The final choice of Salvatore and Santa

The couple formed by Salvatore Bonfiglio and Santa Marziale it is certainly the one with the most obvious ending. The two in fact, apart from the first two days of marriage, then did nothing but clash. Indeed, if they had at least argued, there would have been a confrontation. Instead, a closure has been created between them and in the long run no kind of dialogue.

Santa and Salvatore they will then arrive at the final choice in front of the experts with the usual attitude towards each other. The piscologists will try to understand what went wrong between them and in any case try to at least create a civil and friendly relationship between them. Nothing to do, why Santa he will say he no longer wants to know.

At this point she will take off her faith and go away very angry. Consequently, Salvatore he will leave faith and politely greet the experts before leaving. For their divorce then, as was to be expected.

Let’s see the second couple …

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