Sciarelli under accusation, the actor sets off the controversy: “What would be done for a share point”

The episode of Who has seen aired yesterday, it kept the public’s attention high, anxious about waiting for any revelations on the alleged identity of aa young Russian girl who said she doesn’t remember anything from her childhood, of having been kidnapped as a child and wanting to find her mother. The young woman could be Denise Pipitone although the family of the little girl who was kidnapped in 2004 in particular circumstances she said she was “cautiously hopeful”.
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Ricky Tognazzi vs Sciarelli: “What would be done for a share point”

The promo of the program conducted by Federica Sciarelli has created alert and curiosity so much that the social networks have divided between those who hope that Piera Maggio finally hugs his little girl and who instead claims that the move of Who has seen is linked only to the auditel. To comment with criticality the choice of Sciarelli none other than Ricky Tognazzi author of Wake up Love broadcast on Canale 5. The director has in fact argued with the Rai 3 format insinuating the falsity of the case, revelations made only for share: “What you wouldn’t do for a share point”.

Twitter that of Tognazzi who immediately appeared controversial but which is consistent with other criticisms present on social networks. It must be said that the director deleted the post after a few hours trying to keep a low profile in this way and don’t get involved in sterile criticism even if his thinking hasn’t changed. With extreme professionalism and definitely not looking for auditel since Who has seen has a television history of more than ten years, is not afraid of competition and is among the leading programs of the state network, Federica Sciarelli led the episode trying to provide all the necessary elements to clarify, while always appearing very cautious and rational.

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Ricky Tognazzi controversial with Who saw it: delete the tweet and then …

Ricky Tognazzi also seen the growth of controversy over the Denise Pipitone case that has re-emerged thanks to Who has seen deleted the twitter criticor to then reappear on the platform with a post from an online magazine that is always very critical of Sciarelli and his, in his opinion, fake scoop.

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“Denise Pipitone case: Who saw him accused of creating hype for the share, that’s why” this is the title cshared by the director that even if in a veiled way and much less direct confirms his opinion on the alleged manipulation of the news by the Rai 3 format.


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