Laika will produce its first live action film | Cinema

Laika will produce its first live action film | Cinema
Laika will produce its first live action film | Cinema
The famous study At a time, known for producing highly regarded stop motion films such as Coraline and the magic door, ParaNorman e Boxtrolls – The magic boxes, is ready to make his first live action.Deadline reports that the Hillsboro, Oregon studio was awarded after one “Energetically Battaglia” the rights of exploitation of Seventeen, the first novel written by John Brownlow. The announcement was made by the CEO of the studio, as well as the son of the co-founder of sportswear giant Nike, Travis Knight who stated:

For the past 15 years, the Laika studio has been committed to making films that are capable of being relevant. Across media and genres, our studio has fused art, craftsmanship and technology to serve bold, enduring and distinctive stories. With Seventeen, Laika will take her philosophy in new and exciting directions. Seventeen is a cocktail of wicked wit, action and raw emotion. John’s voice is beautifully unique. He has forged a brilliant universe with a powerful identity. Seventeen is a thriller with a soul, a sinuous adrenaline-pumping action with a sincere heart beating beneath his pumped pectorals.

The novel’s author, the aforementioned John Brownlow, is the author of the screenplay for the biopic on the life of Sylvia Plath starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Daniel Craig and the four-episode limited series Fleming, starring Dominic Cooper as James Bond creator Ian Fleming

Laika’s latest film to hit theaters is Mister Link. At this link you can admire the Italian trailer, while, below, you can read the synopsis:

Mister Link is the adorable and hilarious protagonist of this very lively adventurous comedy.
Sir Lionel Frost, is a brave adventurer, and at the same time a very refined man, who considers himself the greatest investigator in the world on the subject of mythological creatures and monsters. The problem is that no one else seems to think so; he then decides to test himself with a trip to Northwest America, up to the Pacific coast, to discover the most legendary creature in the world: what should be the link with the primitive origins of Man: Mister Link .
Mister Link is a slightly funny beast, surprisingly intelligent and full of feelings that Sir Lionel will discover. He is probably the last of his kind and is hopelessly alone and believes that Sir Lionel is the only man who can help him. Together they will embark on a daring search around the world to find Mister’s distant relatives. Link in the fabulous Shangri-La Valley.
Together with the enterprising Adelina Fortnight, who possesses the only known map indicating the secret destination, the unlikely trio embarks on a tumultuous adventure. During the journey our fearless explorers will encounter more dangers than they would have imagined, pursued by mysterious evildoers who try to stop them from completing their mission.
In all of this, Mister Link’s disarming charm and constant good humor are the emotional and comic foundations of this fun family film.

How long are you waiting for this first live action produced by the well-known animation studio? Tell us in the comments!

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