On TV “Lorenzo’s mirror”, Palermo director directs a cartoon about autism

Is titled “Lorenzo’s mirror“the cartoon that will be broadcast tomorrow on Rai Yoyo at 4.30 pm, on the occasion of the world day of awareness on Autism.

Rai Yoyo a few weeks ago launched a new English cartoon, entitled “Pablo”, which tells the adventures of a child with Autism.

Tomorrow it’s up to this new animated short directed by the young Palermo director Angela Conigliaro.

This is an all-Italian animated short film that will be broadcast on the occasion of the World Autism Day, established in 2007.

«The common image of autism spectrum disorders is an individual with a blank stare, locked in his own impenetrable world. For all those locked out of that world it is impossible even to imagine what is inside it. And if it were possible to “see” this impenetrable world? ». Director Conigliaro started from this question.

His creative talent is also appreciated abroad. In fact, the director is already involved in the development of her first feature film in collaboration with Nørlum, a Danish company co-producer of films such as “The song of the sea”, best European animated film and nominated for an Oscar.

The film that will be broadcast on Rai Yoyo tells the story of Lorenzo, a 7-year-old boy who sees and hears only what he decides. It will be a journey into the emotional world of the child.

Alternating the imaginary world and reality, therefore, the director manages to tell the two faces of the autism spectrum: of those who live it from the inside and those who face it from the outside.

The film lasts 13 minutes and its music was written by Rocco Tanica and Diego Maggi.

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