Alessandro Borghese finally negative

Alessandro Borghese finally negative
Alessandro Borghese finally negative

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How is chef Alessandro Borghese doing? His health conditions seem good: Barbara Bouchet’s son has defeated Covid-19 and is finally back to hug his wife and her beloved daughters. The fight was tough, but he made it! and on Instagram …

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Alessandro Borghese can sing victory. After the infection and isolation, he is finally free to return to the arms of his family. The most beloved and sexiest chef on TV jokes, now he can finally do it again. Is back negative, ha Covid defeated and screams it on social media. Through a very nice video that he posted on his Instagram profile, with the voice disguised as a child (it is sure that of his princess), he communicates to everyone that he can finally hug his daughters and his beloved wife Wilma again. In a second video, he sincerely thanks his sweetheart for everything she did for him this time too.

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“Free to hug them! Thanks to them, I discovered a strength I didn’t think I possessed. Thank you Dr. @albertozangrillo and Dr. Palleschi, for putting me back on my feet. Thank you very much to all of you, your messages and your great affection have given me incredible hope ”

The happiness of Alessandro Borghese

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The shots published on Instagram immortalize all of his happiness. E in the embrace with his girls, Alexandra and Arizona, which jump around his neck, lights up immensely. The illness was hard, the isolation at times unbearable, but what brought him down the most on a psychological level was the distance from his princesses. However, together with their mother, whom Borghese is madly in love with, they never lacked their support for their father.

Also on social media, alo chef Borghese, a few weeks ago, announced that he had come into contact with viruses and that he had begun to fight against this invisible but very subtle enemy. Now he can finally sing victory. He won. The virus is gone and above all it has not affected his family, the most important and precious thing he has.

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