“Enough!”, Frost in the studio – Libero Quotidiano

“Enough!”, Frost in the studio – Libero Quotidiano
“Enough!”, Frost in the studio – Libero Quotidiano

An eventful episode a Strip the news. After the flare-up of the tissues Mikaela Neaze Silva e Shaila Gatta at loggerheads during rehearsals (the two left the studio and sent cordially to that country), too Gerry Scotti e Michelle Hunziker they had a few quarrels in front of the cameras.

It all begins with Gerry holding a kind of megaphone to announce the envoy’s service Pinuccio, the man who is making Rai tremble with his investigations on the waste of public TV. When directed by Antonio Ricci back in the studio, after having broadcast the report, Scotti invites viewers to vote for Pinuccio, a bit like Totò’s classic “Vota Antonio”. But he does it out loud, and the Swiss presenter blatantly repeats it: “That’s enough, Astra is sleeping! “. Astra is the dog foundling who has become the mascot of this edition: the animal fell asleep placid on the counter and Gerry’s impetuousness threatened to wake her up.

Obviously, the “fight” between Gerry and Michelle is a sketch, just like when Hunziker repeatedly invites him to look the other way. What, no one knows. Indeed, yes: “April Fool!”shouts the showgirl. “You gave me a shot,” Scotti sighs. For the record, even the brawl between the two showgirls was a savory joke, not to the viewers but to the poor studio assistants. It is not a joke, however, the accusation of some users on social networks, very poisonous and decidedly out of place, aimed at the satirical news of Canale 5. So much so that Scotti felt compelled to specify: “We are against discrimination”. As if it wasn’t clear.

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