Federico Pellegrini, husband Maria Rosa de Sica / “His old-fashioned ways ..”

Maria Rosa de Sica she is the second child of Christian de Sica and Silvia Verdone and at her side she has her beloved husband Federico Pellegrini with whom she not only shares her private life but also her working life. Together with her husband she founded the fashion brand Mariù and while she takes care of the creative part as a stylist, he is the CEO of the brand and therefore manages everything else from the economic to the advertising part. The name of the brand is due to the nickname that the woman carries with her from childhood, as she herself told Grazia: “It has always been my nickname. And then the song Parlami d’amore Mariù is linked to my family. The first to have sung it was my grandfather Vittorio De Sica in the film Men ”.

Federico Pellegrini, husband Maria Rosa de Sica, who is he and what does he do in life?

The second child of De Sica and Federico Pellegrini they got married in 2016 with a romantic ceremony on the Island of Capri. She herself confessed in an old interview that the CEO of her company won her over with his ancient and respectful ways, a real man of the past. In particular, he confided: “Federico won me over with his old-fashioned ways. The first time we went out together, he gallantly opened the door for me. Before him, no one had ever done it“. That was enough to win over De Sica’s daughter who is well used to it since her father has always respected his wife Silvia.



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