Giulia De Lellis and Amadeus, quarrel at I Soliti Ignoti. She criticizes the game mechanism, he responds by displacing her

its the latest updates. The usual unknown, Giulia De Lellis “criticizes” the game mechanism. Amadeus’ response displaces everyone. A few minutes ago, the Rai1 game show ended. Guest-detective of the day, the well-known influencer, protagonist of the film Parents vs. Influencer. Also tonight, we play to donate the prize money to the Italian Foundation for Autism.

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Giulia De Lellis, at his debut in the Rai program, he makes an excellent figure. His investigation is almost perfect (only a couple of errors), so much so that the influencer reaches the final stage with the super figure of 158 thousand euros. But it is at the moment of the mysterious relative that the “problems” begin. Giulia she is undecided between several unknowns, so she decides to use all the aids. Significantly reducing the accumulated prize pool. The influencer halves the 158 thousand euros to send away four wrong unknowns. But it is when he chooses to use the “binocolone” – further reducing the nest egg set aside – that he burst out ironically: “But it costs everything to this game …».

The sponatenità of Giulia De Lellis makes Amadeus smile, which replies: «At this moment everything costs dearly …». In the end, the influencer uses both the binocolone and the doubt, playing for 31,600 euros. The strategy turns out to be victorious e Giulia guesses the father of the mysterious relative: “It’s number 1». Tomorrow we return to play for solidarity.

Last updated: Thursday 1 April 2021, 22:42



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