The best dystopian books you must read

The best dystopian books you must read
The best dystopian books you must read

If you are looking for the best dystopian books, we offer you a selection of the most beautiful novels and short stories that belong to this genre.

This particular literary genre is made up of dystopian books and novels.

The aforementioned literature is essentially set within an absolutely dramatic and negative reality and situation in which there can be drastic changes that can open apocalyptic and catastrophic scenarios.

These settings are determined by the dystopian context that distinguishes the books and novels belonging to this genre.

In this regard, the term dystopia was used for the first time in the distant 1868 in order to indicate a certain unwanted situation in a certain place and in a near and future time.

A classic of dystopian literature is represented by the transposition of negative situations that occur in the present in a future time, be it near or far.

These transpositions generally highlight the deterioration of the situation over time or in the future with respect to the present.

The dystopian literature, with i best dystopian books, due to its charm, it is today particularly appreciated by numerous readers also because of the numerous cinematographic films and television series made over time.

For the stories that these volumes often tell, we can often talk about best dystopian books for adults or in any case of novels that put us in front of stories dedicated to a more adult audience.

Within this article some of the most famous texts and novels of dystopian literature will be examined.

In this article we talk about


1984 is a particularly famous novel, in which the world is essentially dominated by three different powers.

That is Oceania, Estasia and finally Eurasia, which are in conflict with each other for world domination.

The subject of the novel is the nation of Oceania and in particular its capital London, which is under the control of Big Brother whose association carries out a constant investigation activity on the whole city and intervenes in the case of possible suspects.

This city is devoid of any order and law, therefore everything is possible and nothing is forbidden.

The story focuses in particular on a particular refuge in which Winston and Julia Smith are desperately trying to survive and to preserve their humanity in a world that has now lost the values ​​of civilization.

But do androids dream of electric sheep?

Let’s talk now about But do androids dream of electric sheep?

This book, one of the best dystopian books, written by Philip K. Dick, is a true classic made in 1968 and with a setting in 1992.

In this universe we find a true coexistence between androids and humans, on a planet Earth that has had to face the consequences of a nuclear war.

Humans were consequently forced to find places in colonies outside the planet.

Acid rain and the extinction of animals are two elements that characterize this story, a world that seems really scary and that sees as the protagonist the figure of Rick Deckard, who in his life is an android hunter.

Fahrenheit 451

This particular novel, among the best dystopian books to read, is set in a futuristic society in which there is constant research in order to find the last existing books in the world to be able to destroy them.

Especially the novel Fahrenheit 451, focuses on the hunt for books and people who have kept them in an absolutely illegal way to be able to save them from inevitable destruction.

The new world – Back to the new world

This dystopian book, The new world, was written in 1932 and deals with a totalitarian state present in the distant future, where everything can be planned according to productivist rationalism.

In particular, the citizens of this world can access any material goods they desire, in exchange for the loss of feelings, emotions and their own individuality.

Furthermore, the citizens in question are not oppressed by either wars or starvation or other factors typically found in other dystopian books.

This book is then followed by Return to the New World, written in 1958, which is a collection of essays closely related to the theme.

The mechanical girl

Another book we want to talk about, among the best dystopian books, is The mechanical girl, by Paolo Bacigalupi.

The story talks about some of the possible effects of genetic engineering, which is spreading across the planet, a world increasingly threatened by the oceans.

Anderson Lake, one of the protagonists of the events of this interesting story, is a prominent figure of a multinational in Thailand.

His goal is to find foods that can be considered extinct and to do this he does nothing but scour the markets of Bangkok.

She will soon make the acquaintance of Emiko, the Mechanical Girl, who is a creature built in the laboratory.


Another of the best dystopian books that we want to point out is Divergent, by Veronica Roth.

The author tells of a humanity that is precisely organized into factions based on professions.

Starting from adolescence the future of the boys will be decided, who are subjected to real forms of training.

But a girl, who proves to be very courageous, ends up discovering that behind this situation there is a much more serious form of control.

The book series consists of four stories: Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant and Four.

The latter is actually a collection of prequels that introduce the story.

Hunger Games

We close this ranking of the best dystopian books with a saga that has conquered an impressive number of readers and not only, since there have also been many spectators fascinated by the films that have been made starting from the books of this saga.

We are talking about Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, which has sold millions of copies over the years.

It is a novel that tells of what can be considered as a reality show, which features young people between 12 and 18 years old among the protagonists.

The goal of winning the reality show, what is called the Hunger Games, consists in the fact that you have to annihilate your opponents and at the same time behave well in the eyes of the sponsors and the television audience.

The Hunger Games is the first book of the trilogy created by Suzanne Collins, which then continues with the adventure of The Girl with Fire and the Song of Revolt.

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