Giulia De Lellis attracted by some guests of the Maurizio Costanzo Show, Gussalli jealous

Giulia De Lellis admits she has a crush on some guests of the Maurizio Costanzo Show. Her boyfriend, Carlo Gussalli Beretta, would seem jealous. Let’s see together who they are and what he confessed

Giulia De Lellis has admitted that she has a crush on some guests of the Maurizio Costanzo Show

Last night the episode of Maurizio Costanzo Show. Many well-known guests have been invited to the famous Canale5 program. Among these the younger audience could not help but notice the two famous influencers that is Giulia De Lellis and Tommaso Zorzi. But not only among the many VIPs we have also seen Beatrice Valli, Paola Barale and Massimo Lopez. Obviously, the program was recorded during the broadcasting both De Lellis and Zorzi commented on the program live.

The former suitor of Men and Women at one point posted Ig una on her profile rather ambiguous story. Well, De Lellis confessed to having one crush on some men present in Maurizio Costanzo.

Let’s read in detail what he confessed and see who the men in question are.

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Giulia De Lellis has a soft spot for some guests of the Maurizio Costanzo Show

Giulia De Lellis attracted jealous guest Maurizio Costanzo Show Gussali
Giulia De Lellis has admitted that she has a crush on some guests of the Maurizio Costanzo Show

As you can see from the photo above, Giulia has posted a story on her profile in which she admits she has a crush on some characters from the Maurizio Costanzo Show. In the post De Lellis wrote “In this episode I do not know if I took more for Tommaso Zorzi, but waiting for him with a long hair; Enrico Papi, your sympathy has always attracted me. Don’t tell me anything; Demo, wonderful discovery and sexy as never before; and my beloved for as long as I can remember, Rosario Fiorello “. After who did a survey in which he asks his follwers who they think is his favorite among Papi, Fiorello, Zorzi and Demo. In the end it emerged that his favorite is undoubtedly Fiorello.

In fact, in the previous story he admitted that he had a soft spot for all four but a few hours later he published another story that brought a smile to all the fans.

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Giulia tagged her partner Carlo Gussali Beretta by writing “I’m kidding I love, he’s jealous“. De Lellis wanted to reassure her current boyfriend by confessing that it was a little joke.


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