Emotions that can hurt: shame and guilt in Mankell’s book [VIDEO]

A bad grade, the fear of disappointing the expectations of the parents, the feeling of not making it: how many times have we glimpsed discouragement and unhappiness in the eyes of our students without fully understanding why? Psychoanalytic literature is full of cases where shame and guilt they grip the minds of adolescents so much that they risk turning into real pathologies.

Unlike, in fact, other emotions such as joy or anger – which remain strictly individual – shame and sense of guilt involve the individual in his relationships with others, they are relational emotions.

It is possible to defeat feelings of guilt!

Shame and widespread feelings of guilt intoxicate the life of Fredrick Welin, the narrator of the story that we present this week in our column “Reading lib (e) ri”, Italian shoes” of Henning Mankell, published by Marsilio in 2008: Fredrick is a Swedish surgeon who leaves the medical profession prematurely to retire in perfect solitude on an islet off the east coast of Sweden.

There is an unspeakable secret in his past. Every day he makes a hole in the ice and plunges into it: does he want to die or does he want, on the contrary, to affirm the overbearing presence of life that claims its rights, beyond any sense of guilt and beyond any pain? Her loneliness will be interrupteda from a ghost that re-emerging from a past that seemed dead, will take him by the hand and give him back to life, through a short journey of personal re-formation.

Overcoming the shame and guilt that often prevent us from living, two negative emotions that are structured since childhood and are consolidated during adolescence. “Learn to love yourselfand ”could be a goal for our students, to be achieved also through a guided reading of this book.


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