Ida Platano, changes her look | It looks like another!

Ida Platano, changes her look | It looks like another!
Ida Platano, changes her look | It looks like another!

Ida Platano was one of the most appreciated ladies of the Throne Over of the television program Men and Women, hosted by Maria De Filippi. After abandoning his studies at Cinecittà and leaving behind the relationship with Riccardo Guarnieri, he seems to have returned the serenity in his life and demonstrates it by upsetting his look. Today it looks like another!

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Ida Platano was one of the absolute protagonists of the Over Throne of Men and women. His participation in the dating show was very troubled and marked by many ups and downs due to his constant back and forth with the ex-knight, Riccardo Guarnieri. In any case, the lady has always been loved and appreciated by numerous viewers, who then followed her even outside the program on her social channels.

Ida Platano and the drastic change of look

The former lady has always shown herself with beautiful long hair ash blond but after the Throne Over and the beginning of the relationship between the former Riccardo and Roberta Di Padua, another former lady of the female parterre, it almost seemed to want to put an end completely distorting her look.

A real revolution for her image, which from the warm shades of wheat has turned for a more aggressive and sophisticated hairstyling at the same time: a dark brown and super seductive waves!

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This new hairstyle sent her followers into raptures, who couldn’t help but appreciate this new look. The comments are very diverse and come from both men and women, demonstrating how much Ida is also loved by the female universe.

Ida after the confrontation with Riccardo Guarnieri

The former lady had to deal with the definitive break with Riccardo. In fact, after leaving the Men and Women program together, their relationship collapsed and ended up being fed to the media hype. The former knight, however, wasted no time and went back in search of love, returning from De Filippi, and there he finally found a smile thanks to Roberta Di Padua. The couple recently left the Throne Over and they are living the love story away from the cameras.

Ida, strong and straightforward woman, for its part, has focused on herself and is still in search of her prince charming. Many rumors in this period foresee his return on Canale 5 but for the moment everything is silent and for the moment he is enjoying the newfound serenity, also thanks to this beautiful change of look!

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