The displaced is 60 years old. A great movie and a book by Arthur Miller

“The Misfits” by Arthur Miller, Nutrimenti, pp. 144, € 15.

Nnot just a script or even just a novel

. Surely “a wonderful book on writing and acting, and cinema, and on their relationship”, as he writes in the afterword of the book The displaced Nicola Manuppelli, translator of the new edition that Nutrimenti sends to bookstores for the sixty years since the release of John Huston’s film, con Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable e Montgomery Clift.

«A story conceived like a movieWhich Miller wrote to give Marilyn a dramatic role different from the ones she had played until then.

And which, by a miracle, gave birth to “a strange form of narrative”: Miller wanted to enhance the landscape to tell the intimacy of his “displaced”; Huston chose to take a lot of close-ups instead because those faces already contained all those spaces and solitudes for him. They both had reasons. So everyone made their own masterpiece.



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