Er Faina apologizes after the quarrel with Zorzi over Aurora Ramazzotti

ROMA – Continue to discuss the outburst of Aurora Ramazzotti, victim of cat calling. Er Faina, youtuber and former Temptation Island Vip participant, admitted that there is nothing wrong with complimenting a beautiful girl in the street. I can understand if someone comes, insults you, breaks your ***… But what’s a towing manual? One passes, sees two beautiful legs … you say “Ah fantastic”. I didn’t tell you ‘fuck *** ugly cess * “, Damiano explained. A position that Tommaso Zorzi did not particularly like. Aurora’s former best friend, the winner of the Big Brother Vip has crushed the thought of Er Faina: “I feel sorry for him, I’m sorry he can’t come up with a reasoning. A woman cannot be reduced to a pair of legs, we are no longer beasts. What I regret is that he is followed, this makes him dangerous. I hope that people can understand. “

Aurora Ramazzotti: Er Faina apologizes

Er Faina sparked a real controversy, so much so that it was forced to publicly apologize. “I apologize if I offended someone’s sensitivity with my words yesterday. Mine was simply meant to be irony, my intention was not to offend. And if someone is offended, I apologize”, he wrote on Instagram. Er Farina then said to himself disgusted by the amount of insults and death threats received just for having expressed a thought. At the moment no replies have arrived from Tommaso Zorzi and Aurora Ramazzotti.


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