Diana Del Bufalo because it ended with Ruffini | The truth about betrayal

Actress Diana Del Bufalo explained what went wrong in her relationship with comedian Paolo Ruffini, which ended long ago. Diana suffered a lot from the end of this relationship.

Diana Del Bufalo and Paolo Ruffini

Diana Del Bufalo, because she left Paolo

The actress and presenter Diana Del Bufalo, star of the fiction ‘May God help us’, had a relationship that lasted 4 years with the comedian and presenter Paolo Ruffini. When this story ended, she said she had suffered a lot and even spent a period of great despair from which she struggled out thanks to psychotherapy.

In an interview with Silvia Toffanin on ‘Verissimo’, Diana declared: “I continue to love him, but I have not been able to continue to be with him for unpleasant reasons “. The actress, who came to the fore in 2010 with Amici, had then added that she and Ruffini, now her ex, had clarified on the phone and that he had apologized.

In the weekly ‘Oggi’, however, she had revealed that she was annoyed by some comments from those who told her that when a love ended, two were always wrong, a statement with which she absolutely did not agree. “Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes only one is wrong, that is him, Paul. I have never made a mistake in our history ”. But what unforgivable mistake did the comedian make? let’s find out together.

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Paolo Ruffini made a ‘fatal’ mistake

Diana Del Bufalo then added a few more details about her conversation with her ex-boyfriend. “I told him: I’m sorry if I made you think I agreed with this polyamory thing. I am very far from this conception of sentimental relationships “. When their long romance ended, she went through a very difficult time, locking herself in her room for days and even refusing to eat. On his Instagram page he had written that he had tried a lot with him, but that people don’t change and they don’t change.

Actually Paolo Ruffini would have betrayed Diana with the tattoo artist Vanya stone while they were still together. To tell it was the latter in a message on Facebook, later removed, in which he wrote: “They sent me the pre-contract but at the last moment something changed. I wonder why. Maybe someone had a straw tail …to tell about our relationship while he was with Diana del Bufalo. After that evening, after my violent reaction, you blocked me from everything for fear that I would spit at you … as you can see, here we are again“.

Anyway, the comedian has apologized to the nice actress and now she has moved on. After him she had another affair with Edoardo Tavassi, brother of the former gieffina Guendalina Tavassi, but now he is single and takes the opportunity to focus on his career.

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