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Your Facts, Giancarlo Magalli replaced? The Tapir of Striscia la Notizia arrives

Your Facts, Giancarlo Magalli replaced? The Tapir of Striscia la Notizia arrives
Your Facts, Giancarlo Magalli replaced? The Tapir of Striscia la Notizia arrives

Last October Giancarlo Magalli celebrated 30 years of Your Facts, now rumors are circulating that this could be his last season at the helm of the well-known Rai 2 broadcast. He could arrive in his place Except Thin.

Just following the rumors leaked by TvBlogo, Strip the News, the satirical news program of Canale 5 currently hosted by Gerry Scotti and Michelle Hunziker, has decided to deliver the Tapiro d’Oro to Giancarlo Magalli.

Intercepted by Valerio Staffelli, the presenter for the first time commented on the rumors according to which his presence at Your Facts is seriously in the balance.

Magalli therefore declared: “Salvo is good, nice and the ladies like him. It’s all tattooed on Instagram. If they decide so, they are masters: Rai is not mine. I’ve been doing that program for 30 years… ”.

Then he launches an idea at the top of Rai: “They could offer me something more fun. I would like to conduct a quiz “, but Magalli’s gaze is turned to the competition:” In fact I am very envious of Gerry Scotti: I would pay to do Who wants to Be a Millionaire?. I’d also like Strip the news “. As if to say that it is not tied to state television for life and that it could consider other offers.

According to reports TvBlogo, Magalli’s position has begun to waver due to tensions in the cast of the program that sees alongside the presenter, Samanta Togni, Salvo Sottile, Umberto Broccoli and Mary Segneri. It seems that Giancarlo goes perfectly with the two women, it was not so in the days of Adriana Volpe who now leads Every morning on Tv8, and also with Salvo Sottile, while there would be problems with Broccoli.

To complicate the situation, there was also a total break between Togni and Segneri due to tensions that broke out during the tests. The atmosphere is so hot that it compromises the success of the show. Hence the idea for next year to replace Magalli with Salvo Sottile, who arrived at I Fatti Vostri last September. At the moment, however, no one has commented on the indiscretion except the conductor himself at Staffelli’s microphone.

Giancarlo Magalli receives the Tapir from Valerio Staffelli

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