Rossella Brescia, the story of her illness: what she suffers from

Rossella Brescia confessed to having spent a very difficult time, in which she discovered she had an illness.

Born in Martina Franca (in the province of Taranto) in 1971, the dancer is one of the most loved and appreciated faces of the small screen. After various experiences in the world of dance, Brescia has in fact made itself known to the general public thanks to its participation in ‘Friends of Martina De Filippi‘, in which he played the role of dance teacher. Recently, however, the same has revealed that it has suffered a lot and to have had one disease which led her to have hallucinating pains. Here’s what it is.

Rossella Brescia confesses: the diagnosis

During an interview with the site ‘‘, Rossella Brescia revealed that he had difficult times to overcome. There was in fact a period in which the dancer had a excessively heavy menstrual cycle, often accompanied by one strange swelling and yes many pains.

Each visit to the gynecologist“, Said Brescia,”resolved with a diagnosis of colitis, since the symptoms were practically the same, and ended with the prescription of some sedative“. Beyond the drugs, however, Rossella was able to relieve those pains only through thephysical exercise. Despite this, a moment’s worth was enough concern and the exact same pains returned.

None, until then“, She then continued the same,”he realized that my problem was called endometriosis, a disease that affects many women and is due to abnormal presence of endometrial cells“. Basically, as explained by Brescia, in the tissue that covers the inner part of the uterus, that is, in organs such as the ovaries, the tube, the vagina or the peritoneum, there are some cells that cause internal bleeding e inflammations during the menstrual cycle. Rossella Brescia he therefore confessed to having discovered this diagnosis only a few years later.

I was in Milan for work reasons“, In fact said the dancer,”and an even sharper than usual attack forced me to rush to the hospital, where I have been diagnosed with some endometriotic cysts, to be operated urgently. I had never been under the knife before and the thought of anesthesia terrified me. So, I refused the surgery“.

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Rossella then returned to Rome and, after having undergone a new medical check-up, she was referred to need for intervention. Thus, within a week, the woman was operated on with a laparoscopy surgery and, after that night, she certainly felt better.

The return of pain after seven years

After seven years, the acute pangs returned. “I was crossing one of the busiest periods of my life“, Said Rossella Brescia,”I accumulated stress and dumped it all on my poor ovaries, massacring them“. A very large fibroid, which the dancer could even feel with her fingers when she touched her abdomen.

For this, Rossella was operated on a second time with three days of hospitalization and a period of convalescence. “With my desire to react“, She later said,”little by little I recovered“.

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Actually, it does a lot physical movement, massages the abdomen often and practice yoga. “With my partner“, Finally revealed the dancer,”we are even trying to have a child, although the disease also carries a risk of infertility“.

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