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“Joss Whedon is not the only one responsible”

Now that the Warner Bros. internal investigation has basically ended with nothing, Ray Fisher has already returned to the attack to argue over the methods with which the latter was carried out, with Warner making it known that the only Joss Whedon, but Fisher doesn’t want to accept it.

Speaking again on the issue, Fisher reiterated that for him the responsibility for having delivered a non-inclusive film to the cinema are not to be attributed to Joss Whedon alone, who is now indicated as the only responsible, but that the blame should be distributed to all the project management.

The discriminatory and racist conversations between Toby Emmerich, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg played a central role in these disparities. I may not like Joss Whedon but I refuse to mention him as the only responsibleFisher had already lashed out at Walter Hamada before, and now he doesn’t even spare the other Justice League executive producers, guilty of drastically reducing his role in the film just because he is black.

To the words of Warner CEO Ann Sarnoff, Fisher replied: “Apparently at WarnerMedia they think a room full of producers saying ‘we can’t have a furious black in the center of the film‘is not racist. Strange”.

Then again: “Also, saying ‘Walter didn’t do anything against Ray, in fact he offered him a role in Flash’ and then ‘Walter is a black person so he knows exactly what it feels like’ is the classic definition of crippling. I’ll just say this for now: instead of saying what was not discovered in the investigation, why don’t you start saying what was found? The audience is much smarter than you think. The proof is there“.

How interesting is it?

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