The bomb of the English lady, the whole truth on the accusations of racism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Il Tempo

The bomb of the English lady, the whole truth on the accusations of racism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Il Tempo
The bomb of the English lady, the whole truth on the accusations of racism of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

01 April 2021

The name of the relative of the royal family has been revealed, worried that the skin of Archie, the first child of Harry of England and Meghan Markle, was “too dark”. It was Princess Anne, daughter of Queen Elizabeth, who made this observation. Lady Colin Campbell, a prominent figure of the English aristocracy, is convinced of this, but specified: “The Dukes of Sussex have completely misunderstood it”. Buckingham Palace declined to comment on these claims. Let’s take a step back. In the now famous interview with Oprah Winfrey for CBS, seen by 50 million people, Meghan and Harry revealed that a member of the royal family feared that Archie was black, but they refused to name the culprit with the consequence that all the Windsors were labeled racists and added that no one took their side.

Now Lady C, in her podcast “Chatting with Lady C”, taken from the “Daily Mail on line”, revealed how the events unfolded: “Princess Anna was worried about Meghan’s suitability to enter a family with traditions. secular, she was doubtful that she could not understand ‘respect’ for the institution they represent and for the family. Therefore the consequences would be disastrous: it would cause problems for all of them but also for any child born of the union. it had nothing to do with her being of mixed race, but Harry decided that the mention of cultural differences was a reference to color and ran to Meghan with those objections and the former actress wanted to “arm” them with racism. We are talking about two people who are very anxious to see enemies or conspiracies where they do not exist ”.

The British socialite, 71, of Jamaican descent, citing a royal insider, said: “There was no concern about Meghan’s color. Princess Anne was rightfully doubtful that if the marriage went ahead and there were children, there would be huge problems, not because of skin color, but because of Meghan’s inability and determination not to appreciate cultural differences. . Anna was worried that Harry’s wife might not have actually fully understood that she was marrying not only the man she loved, but also an institution and therefore would not have the proper respect for him.

Even the accusation that Archie did not have the title of Prince because of mixed race is unfounded, it does not belong to him under the law ”. Lady Colin went on to say, “Meghan and Harry used that genuine uncertainty of a loving aunt, knowing that because she is a down-to-earth, experienced, practical, intelligent and sensitive woman, she doesn’t draw blood from a turnip or that barrel gives the wine it has. No one is guilty in terms of racism, but in fact Princess Anne was the champion in arguing that Harry shouldn’t have married this girl because she was unsuitable, wrong for the country and for the job she should have done as a royal senior. Well, those fears have proved to be well founded ”.

The socialite, who has met Princess Anne several times but are not friends, stressed that she had disclosed the background because she believes it is important that the truth of the facts be known before some anti-establishment and anti-monarchist organization exploits all destructively just to promote the agenda of the ambitious Dukes of Sussex. So, for Lady Colin, Meghan and Harry pointed the finger at Princess Anne, but unfairly: it was a misunderstanding in a discussion about the cultural differences between the British and the Americans. A reading of the facts that would correspond to the only official statement issued by Queen Elizabeth after the explosive interview with her niece and wife. The message said that “some memories may vary” and that the issues raised, particularly that of race, were “worrying and would be taken seriously, but that from now on the difficulties had to be addressed by the family in private”.

Instead, new details have leaked. In an extra clip, which did not air, Oprah asked Harry if they had left the UK due to racism and the prince replied: “That was a big part of it.” On other takes, Meghan said she was treated worse than Kate: “If a member of her family told me ‘we all endured the rude press’, I would reply that rude and racist are not the same thing.” Although the Sussexes claimed that the interview with Oprah Winfrey would be their last word on the rift with the royals, they continued to speak, exacerbating the already strained relations with Prince Charles and Prince William. They told reporter friend Gayle King (she was attending Archie’s lavish baby shower in New York in 2019) that Harry had finally talked to his father and brother, but the interviews had not been productive and that Meghan was unhappy that no one of the royal family had still answered the phone after the CBS interview, but that she had evidence and documents of the claims. A veiled threat.

Gayle King also said: “Meghan Markle is investigating bullying and her staff, but anyone who has worked with her will say she is a very sweet and caring person. I think it’s frustrating for them to see that there is only talk of a relative’s racism when all they wanted was for royalty to step in and tell the press to stop with unfair, inaccurate and false racially cut stories. So far no one has recognized that there are problems, no one has said, “Houston, we have a problem here.” Until they admit it, it will be difficult to move forward. But they both want dialogue, they want to mend Harry’s family ”. Yet another ad hoc leak of news clashed with the icy public indifference of Buckingham Palace.

The royal assistants are horrified by the fact that the duke and the duchess told a journalist about the private interviews also because it does not help to mend relations and rebuild a climate of trust: “The only positive aspect is that at least they are talking, but better if they did it only in private “. What is happening behind the scenes is not clear, it is only known that Charles, William and Kate felt hurt by Harry’s words.

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