Gianluca Caporaso, Time to time – Books – A book a day

Gianluca Caporaso, Time to time – Books – A book a day
Gianluca Caporaso, Time to time – Books – A book a day

“We often say the expression ‘time has flown’: but we are time and, if time flies, we can fly too”: it is a promise of wonder, through words that bring emotion and create bonds, the book for boys “Tempo al tempo” by Gianluca Caporaso, published by Salani. The small and dense volume, enriched by the illustrations by Francesca Cosanti, celebrates time – which covid has made us strongly rediscover in recent months – as the central element of the cycle of life and of every human being through 37 rhyming rhymes, designed to be told aloud as well as read, in a direct line with the oral tradition.
“The poetic word is a promise of happiness and makes time sing even when it would want to cry, it is a fire that lights up around which people arrange themselves, a sound filament that sews lives on their way to the future – says Caporaso in an interview with ANSA -, in this book I have tried to propose a time map for traveling over the different regions of time “. In fact, from nursery rhyme to nursery rhyme, the reader discovers everything that fills our life, from waiting to amazement, from fear to boredom, from sadness to joy: “I tell the measure of time, which reflects on how the course of time has been divided. time from man: from the peasant civilization, which measured the years, to the modern one, which divides time into seconds “, he explains,” then there is the lived experience of time, in which time becomes experience, from memory to idea of the future. Finally, the dimension that comes true in everyone’s life, the time of emotions “.
Storyteller, reader and narrator, Caporaso wrote these nursery rhymes during the months of the pandemic, without identifying a specific audience to turn to: certainly his compositions lend themselves to different interpretations, and are suitable not only for children but also for adults . “I come from oral narration, the poetic word is nostalgia for singing, for music, it is the desire to recover a more powerful, original signifying dimension”, he explains, “the child understands the sound meaning not the meaning of words per se, while for adults then add other codes. I am a writer for childhoods: childhoods do not have a registry office, but are addressed to those who want to open their mouths in amazement. After all, the word unites everyone, the word builds bonds, and it is transversal to all codes: this is the challenge of my proposal “.
You wrote nursery rhymes to reflect on the pandemic: what has the virus deprived us of? “The covid has taken away our spaces and opened us to the time that has invaded our homes. We have been called to live time in a different way”, he says, “giving time to time means not only preparing oneself for a confident resignation while waiting that something arrives, but at the same time granting time, giving life to life because we are made of time “. “Today I notice a certain tiredness, because the fact that lives can deny themselves to the magic of encounters is a penalizing dimension – he continues -, but man always has a creative approach that involves crossing the world.
It is a way of reformulating what happens, which pushes man to recreate a balance, which is now certainly fragile. For this we need the word “. (ANSA).


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