KATIA SWISS, WHO IS IT? / “35 years with Duccio. The secret? A lot of patience!”

Katia Swiss is one of the guests of the new episode of Today is another day, on Rai 1 with Serena Bortone. The chat with the well-known announcer starts right from her very first audition and from the reasons that led her to make her debut in this career: “I was 27 and I found a boyfriend, then I wanted to get married. I did this audition with Nicoletta Orsomando and I won. ” told the Swiss. What did she reveal that that boyfriend of that time is still her partner today: “The boyfriend? Then he became a husband and we have been together for 35 years. How do you stay together for so long? It takes a lot of patience, then we women always have a little more. ” (Update by Anna Montesano)

Katia Swiss guest at Today is another day

Daughter of a model, Katia Swiss she is certainly a well-known face on television and not only for her role as Rai announcer but also because she is the “voice” of Ape Maia. Katia Svizzero made her debut at the age of six to give the face to the Carousel of a pudding inspired by Alice in Wonderland, at 13 she lent herself to cabaret and then actress of dramas such as Paganini and Manon Lescaut and in musical comedies Una bella Domenica of September and Macario blu, but his first passion is always music, the one that then reappears when, at the age of 17, Vito Molinari wants it to sing in some television programs. It was then that they noticed her and that she was entrusted with the theme song of the anime L’ape Maia, and at the beginning of the 80s she became a real star with her 45 rpm of L’Apemaia that reached first place in the standings.

Katia Swiss, who is she? Rai announcer and singers of the Ape Maia theme song

Katia Swiss, the former Rai announcer, had the time to devote herself to something else, namely her private life since, after becoming a Rai announcer, she decided to marry her boyfriend, Duccio. Daughters were born from their marriage Joy and Stella. He will be a guest in the studio for Today is another day and at that point Katia Svizzero could reveal something more about her life and work since she left the world of ads but not Rai.



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