Rome, Lady Gaga walking around the Talenti district for “House of Gucci”

Rome, Lady Gaga walking around the Talenti district for “House of Gucci”
Rome, Lady Gaga walking around the Talenti district for “House of Gucci”
Rome, Milan, Lake Como, Valle d’Aosta and then again Rome. These are just some of the sets of the film “House of Gucci” that Lady Gaga is shooting in Italy. After hanging out among the VIP places to play the role of Patrizia Reggiani, wife of the patron of the fashion label murdered by a hitman hired by her, then ended up in jail, the actress-singer is over – for reasons of script – in a decidedly unusual area of ​​the capital: Talenti district.

Viale Ojetti has been transformed into an open-air set for Ridley Scott’s film which, in addition to Lady Gaga, also stars Al Pacino and Adam Driver. The star then passed by via dei Condotti, where one of the Gucci boutiques is located, at Parco Leonardo, in Fiumicino, where another Roman scene from the film on the family saga was shot, up to Monte Sacro Alto, commonly known as Talenti, the 28th district of Rome, indicated with “Q. XXVIII ”, which takes its name from the mountain of the same name and is located north-east of the city.

In fact, on this peripheral avenue there is the historic Zita Fabiani fashion shop, location of some scenes of the film, as well as via Corrado Alvaro, via Renato Fucini up to largo Pugliese, via Righelli and via Bonnard.

Considering the natural extension of the Monte Sacro district, this Roman district is called “Talenti” from the surname of the family that owns the estate on which the town was built. Its main square is in fact dedicated to Pier Carlo Talenti, who died in 1925 due to a car accident, and brother of Achille Talenti, the last descendant of the family.

In the 1950s in this area there were still shepherds with their flocks grazing, including those of the Talenti farm, but then, in the early 1960s, they obtained authorization from the Comune of Rome to build. Thus, the first 4-5 storey residential buildings and condominiums arose, with their gardens, intended for the middle-upper class, while the “old” Monte Sacro was rather “popular”.

Even today it is a residential area, with several parks, Parco Talenti, Parco delle Mimose and Parco della Cecchina, and condominiums. There is also the villa where he lived Peppino De Filippo in its best years.

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