Vaccines: Veneto and Lazio in the lead, Calabria and Puglia last – Chronicle

The region further up in YouTrend’s regional vaccine index is the Veneto, with 76 points out of 100 (+3 compared to last week), according to the weekly data updated on Monday 5 April. They follow the Lazio (stable at 73), the autonomous province of Trento (at 71, down 9 points) and the Tuscany (at 70, up 15 points).

At the bottom of the ranking, under 50 points, we find the Sicily to 47, the Sardinia and the Liguria to 46, the Calabria and the Puglia a 45: all of these 5, with the exception of the Sardinia remained stable, they worsened their index compared to last week.

YouTrend has developed an index that summarizes the status of the vaccination campaign in each of the regions / autonomous provinces on a weekly basis, combining 5 parameters:

– The percentage of doses used out of the total doses received;

– The percentage of vaccinated RSA guests;

– The percentage of subjects over 80 vaccinated;

– The percentage of subjects in the 70-79 age group vaccinated;

– The acceleration of vaccinations compared to the previous week.

For each of the first 4 parameters the position of each region between 0 and 100 is then calculated, where 100 equals the data of the best region.

As regards the weekly trend, instead, a linear scale is applied where 100 corresponds to a doubling of the doses administered (+ 100%), 50 equals stability (+ 0%) and 0 corresponds to a zeroing of the doses administered (- 100%). A weighted average of the 5 parameters is then carried out for each region (10% for each of the first two parameters, 40% for the third, 20% for each of the last two): this average represents the regional index, which therefore goes from 0 to 100. The closer to 100, the more effectively a given region will have carried out the vaccination campaign. For each region, therefore, the index allows to measure the progress of the vaccination campaign not in absolute terms, but in relative terms, allowing a comparison with the other regions.