“It has the spirit of the first movie. It’s really worth seeing”

“It has the spirit of the first movie. It’s really worth seeing”
“It has the spirit of the first movie. It’s really worth seeing”

Bill Murray loved the new Ghostbusters 3, which he believes gives the saga a lifeblood. Here is the long comment of the actor, who agreed to undergo incredible fatigue on the set of Jason Reitman’s film.

Bill Murray he is a genius and, like all geniuses, he sometimes lacks eccentricity or rather lack of enthusiasm in following the work rhythms that the directors impose on him, unless it is his loved one Wes Anderson. However, the actor had to give up in front of Jason Reitman, because his Ghostbusters: Legacy it was so great that it woke up the Murray of the old days, who loved pretty much everything about the making, except the awkward costumes, and who expressed all his admiration for the new film, in which he reprises the role of Venkman). In an interview with Collider, Bill stated without hesitation that the new adventure of ghosts and ghostbusters gives new life to the saga. Here are the words of the actor

I remember Jason Reitman called me and said: I have an idea for another Ghostbusters. I’ve had this idea for years. What the hell could it possibly be? – I thought. I remember him as a child. I remember his Bar Mitzvah. I thought: what the hell? What does this kid know? But he had a really amazing idea, which he developed with another amazing guy I had the chance to work with, Gil Kenan, who made City of Ember. Together they wrote a Ghostbusters movie that truly brings the series back to life. It truly retains the spirit of the first film, more than the second or that of the girls. It has a very different spirit from two of the four films made “.

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The undoubted value of Ghostbusters 3 led Bill Murray to lend themselves to anything on set. The actor continued:

I believe it has achieved a very remarkable result. It was tough, it was really tough, so I think it’s going to be okay. We were only on set for a while, but it was very physically exhausting. Wearing all the equipment was extremely uncomfortable. We were wearing batteries the size of real batteries. There are now batteries as small as earrings, but they are still heavy to wear all the time. The special effects in this movie meant you got a lot of wind and a lot of dirt on your face, and it was all getting down and back up. What is this? What am I doing? Feels like doing Hungarian deadlifts or Russian kettlebells, I keep going down and up with this stuff on my back. It was very uncomfortable. Usually, when something involves a considerable amount of unhappiness, the result is of high quality. If you can catch him and protect him, he shows up on the screen and influences your acting. I think the film will be out sometime in the fall. They put it off for a year, a year and a half, but I’m glad they did. It is really worth seeing. “

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These words of Bill Murray they send us in jujube broth, because they confirm the undoubted value of the film. As we have recently learned, Ghostbusters: Legacy will arrive in theaters on November 11th. The protagonists are Carrie Coon, Finn Wolfhard e Mckenna Grace. Then, there is Paul Rudd and, in a limited number of scenes, there are the old guards Sigourney Weaver, And Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and obviously Bill Murray.