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(by Daniela Giammusso) (ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 06 – PIER LUIGI CELLI ‘LIFE IS NOT A SMART WORKING (ed. Este – pp. 160 – 20.00 euro).

“We need a revolution of the head rather than of models. It is the only way to make sense of what we are experiencing. As interesting and provocative as it may be, it will not be smart working, in itself, that will change the greyness of prejudices and fears pending, nor will it automatically make our organizations beautiful and innovative. But it can teach that change is possible, and probably also very interesting, so as to restore greater dignity to work, exploiting how much life, relationships and emotions of these times have forced everyone to understand “.

This is the starting point for the analysis of Pier Luigi Celli, a long-time company executive, formerly at the top of Rai, Eni, Enel, Olivetti, Wind, Omnitel, UniCredit and Ipse, now president of Sensemakers, in his essay “La vita non it is a smart working “, subtitle” But companies can learn not to miss the opportunity “(ed. Este). A photograph of the changes, between work at home and new technologies, which in themselves, explains Celli, do not only lead to a practical reshaping of work.

But a scattering of roles, in which companies, and especially the bosses, must “gear up quickly to get back up to the complexity of their tasks. Or they will soon be the problem to face”.

“The fact of having responded to an urgent need with an improvised solution, but which then worked – says the author presenting the book in the webinar of the publishing house – shows that when faced with inevitable problems, companies find the solution. breaking of the perimeter boundaries “of smart working, which leads people to work ‘far’ from the office”, however, calls into question the structure of the hierarchical command.

When you disperse your employees in distant territories, what is the territory of the command? “. For the collective action to reach the port, the leaders,” commanders without haughtiness “, are now required to have qualities that before,” when everything was under control “, It is the new “grammar of boss-collaborator relationships”, made up of “reputation, credibility, authority, ability to be followed and understood. We cannot think – Celli warns – that an employee who suddenly finds himself working at home, with family, requests, children in Dad, is the same one we saw every day in the office “. to knowledge, in addition to “the ability to hold people together”, “the ability to listen acquires a new position. The more the employees are away, the more the bosses have to devote time to listening “.

But not only. “I am convinced that you can learn a lot more from crises. However, you need to have an eye, ears and above all your head – he continues -. Putting employees in a position to be inside critical processes, even with their own actions, sharing the final purpose, increases the collective intelligence of the company itself. Companies live if they have a history that has been realized. The more the workers feel part of a project, the more they will assume responsibility and the more it will be possible for the story to last over time. one can think that a company is made up of missing employees “.

In the meantime, however, it is news these days that more than half of the companies are thinking of using smart working in a substantially permanent way, even after the pandemic. “Giving answers even before asking the questions about what will come next, I think it is unwise – reflects Celli -. Solutions in moments of crisis are never optimal in everything, they are only sub-optimal. We must be available for change, if conditions change and needs arise. Nor can we think of asking only employees for flexibility “. (HANDLE).

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