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Giovanna Civitillo as we all know it is Amadeus’s wife. Just last month, on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival, the woman ended up at the center of a controversy and seems to have been accused of being a registered letter. This is because she was entrusted with the management of a space dedicated to the most important singing event in Italy, which for the second consecutive year was conducted precisely from Amadeus. Anyway, Giovanna spoke precisely of these accusations and did so in the living room of Italia Si, the program conducted by Marco Liorni and which airs every Saturday afternoon. But what did he specifically say?

Giovanna Civitillo in the living room of Italy The accusations are answered

In the living room of Italy Yes, the Marco Liorni program, Amadeus’ wife talked about many aspects related to his private life, his past on television and even those who are his dreams. Obviously she also talked about love, her family, love for her husband and then took the opportunity to respond to the accusations and controversies that arose, following her conduct of PrimaFestival.

Registered mail? Giovanna replies like this

I told Amadeus I was ready to give up, he asked me not to because it wouldn’t be right, we both had a clear conscience. I recommended? If I were, I would have my own program ”. These are the words declared from Giovanna in the living room of Marco Liorni. It is easy to understand how unfortunately this is the weight that Giovanna has to carry to be the companion of Amadeus, who was the artistic director and the conductor of the Festival. In short, according to his words, Giovanna certainly does not define herself as recommended, also because otherwise she would have a program of her own, after all, how can you blame her?

Love for Amadeus

Giovanna, as well as on other occasions, has also spoken about her relationship with Amadeus, which we remember he knew a The legacy. He was running the program, while she was a dancer. The dancer, who had a huge success at the time, with “the shock”, wanted to confess something intimate and private. “After the success of the shake, I realized it was time to think about the other half of the apple“. So, he seems to have made the decision to undertake this story with Amadeus and since that moment the two have never left.


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