Iva Zanicchi, the advice in the video: “I do it every morning”

Do you know what Iva Zanicchi’s healthy advice is? “I do it every morning,” wrote the famous singer. Here’s what it is!
Iva Zanicchi (Getty Images)

The famous singer and former presenter is back on television in a whole new guise: that of a columnist. The unforgettable voice of I will stubborn e Gypsy, is one of the regular guests in the living room de The island of the famous its Channel 5. Together with Elettra Lamborghini it’s at Tommaso Zorzi, the Zanicchi is a guest every Monday and Thursday evening to comment on the many adventures of VIPs on the deserted island of Honduras. But that is not all! VAT she is also very active on social, where he shares shots and short videos of the backstage reality show or related to his private life. The last is a healthy advice that Iva Zanicchi he wanted to give to his fans. “I do it every morning, try it too”, wrote the singer. Here’s what it is.

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The healthy advice of Iva Zanicchi

Zanicchi Iva council
Iva Zanicchi (Getty Images)

Sui social Iva Zanicchi has published a short video to share some with his fans food advice. More than once the singer has declared to follow a specific diet and, in the video in question, the Zanicchi he wanted to reveal one of his incredible light recipe. “I do it every morning”, wrote the singer, inviting her parents followers to follow his tips. The healthy advice from Iva Zanicchi his many fans liked it a lot (on Instagram they almost follow her 200 thousand people), that’s what it’s all about.

The famous Emilian singer has published a short video recipe for a light and healthy breakfast. VAT started with breaking some eggs in a dish to create an omelette, but not just any! Well yes, because the recipe of the Zanicchi plans to add very tasty eggs to the eggs berries. “This is the mess Iva Zanicchi”, wrote the singer on Instagram as the video caption. “A quick and easy recipe– continue to Zanicchiperfect for breakfast “. VAT cares a lot about her health and her body, as she has shown several times by declaring to follow a healthy diet and not to have Cosmetic Surgery.

Were you aware of the healthy advice from the famous singer Iva Zanicchi?


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