but it may not be all as it seems

but it may not be all as it seems
but it may not be all as it seems


The mystery of the mysterious death that American viewers witnessed today has been revealed: the character who dies is Thomas’s friend and the culprit is the young Spencer, who is in the car with Bill

Published on April 5, 2021

The 5th April episode of Beautiful finally aired in America. There was a lot of anticipation on the part of viewers, as the soap had anticipated that they would attend the death of a character. So it was. A face from the American soap opera leaves the plot for good. But it should be noted that this is not one of the protagonists, who usually take center stage. The twist concerns the identity of the culprit. It is about Liam! The American advances they reveal that this happens as Spencer is attempting to regain Hope’s trust. For the umpteenth time he has betrayed her with Steffy, who meanwhile is building his family with Finn.

During the episode aired today in America, Liam e Hope they have the opportunity to hear on the phone. In particular, they talk about the last kiss they exchanged. Brooke’s daughter is keen to point out that this does not mean for her that everything is fine between them. Despite this, Liam does not lose hope and points out that there is nothing in the universe stronger than their love. We both miss being family with little Beth. Meantime, Spencer complains that Vinny got out of jail on bail.

The boy, friend of Thomas, is arrested after changing the paternity test that Steffy performs for the baby that is waiting. Vinny exchanges the result, so that everyone thinks the son is Liam’s. In this way, the boy is certain that Hope will end up in Thomas’ arms and Spencer in Steffy’s. Ridge’s son, however, discovers the truth and decides to confess everything to Logan, who in turn reveals the secret to Liam.

“I think I hate him. He treated our lives like a game “, Spencer declares speaking to Hope during today’s phone conversation. Not only that, he advises Logan to keep her guard up. In the meantime, talking about thea crisis that Liam and Hope are going through they think about it Bill e Brooke. The two realize that their children are unhappy separated.

Bill then has to go home and asks Liam to drive his car, as he drank too much tequila. Young Spencer is thrilled and gets behind the wheel. Bill asks his son to stop laughing and keep his eyes on the road. Liam continues to chat and declares hopeful about the future with Hope, until something shocking happens.

Suddenly he presses on the brake, realizing that he has hit something. In fact, Liam hopes it’s not a person, but when he gets out of the car with Bill he finds himself faced with an unexpected scene. On the road, there is Vinny, which seems to mean something! For him, however, it seems that they are no longer hopes. So, now it is safe, Liam accidentally kills Thomas’s friend.

But beware: some fans have even speculated that Vinny was pushed onto the road by someone, like Thomas, just as Liam passes. In fact, the advances of Beautiful in these days signaled a mysterious crime, which would have occurred during a quarrel. In the American soap opera, anything can happen!

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