Cristiano Malgioglio, has 3 secret children | Confession that displaces

The musician Cristiano Malgioglio can boast a very long career that has seen him compose songs for some of our most appreciated singers such as Orietta Berti and Raffaella Carrà. For some time he has also become a well-known television face by participating as a commentator or competitor in various shows. But there is still an unknown aspect of him: he is the father of three children, that’s who I am

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Christian Malgioglio began his brilliant career by signing great music for some of our best-known and best-loved singers. His are the lyrics of The important thing to finish e Again, again, again interpreted by Mina. He also wrote for Iva Zanicchi Who (will give me) e Hello Darling how are you?

Now, however, we often see him on television as a commentator or competitor of some show. He has in fact participated three times in the Big Brother Vip with great acclaim. Despite his well-known exuberance, however, there is a side of his private life that has always remained a bit hidden.

Cristiano Malgioglio and the VIP Gf

As mentioned Cristiano Malgioglio was again competitor of the 2020 edition of the well-known reality of Canale 5, he had already done it in the past, in 2017 for the Vip version and in 2015 for the canonical one and then decided to repeat the experience pushed by both fans and his friend Signorini. Furthermore the nice columnist he had retained a very positive memory from previous accessions.

So many people had got to know him, laugh at his jokes and appreciate his bizarre outfits and ubiquitous dark glasses. The lyricist became a bit of a character within the program, even though he never won. As for the latest edition, he was asked for raise the ratings since he has always loved it. Unfortunately, shortly before Christmas he was eliminated after clashing on televoting with Maria Teresa Ruta and Tommaso Zorzi.

In the life of this entertainer there are not only shows and songs, In fact, Malgioglio revealed that he has children. Here’s what he revealed

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Here are who the sons of Malgioglio are

In an interview with Visa, the singer told about three young people of Cuban origin that he keeps at a distance. Omara is the smallest of the three and the one he is most fond of. “I am very attached to her” He admitted. In addition to her, she also follows William and Riccardo.

The decision was made several years ago, but at his behest he never made it public. “Now they are adults, I am proud to have helped them grow. I have not adopted them, but I consider them my children ” he then concluded by adding that he often travels to Cuba to meet them.

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