Isola Dei Famosi: two new castaways land

Today, April 5, two new castaways have finally entered the program. As some advances already suggested, in fact, Isolde Kostner and Beatrice Marchetti also joined the cast of this fifteenth edition!

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Tonight’s episode ofIsland of the Famous has recently opened but already has gifted lots of news. In Honduras, in fact, they are disembark two new castaways, which from today are officially competitors of the 15th edition. It is about Isolde Kostner, as many indiscretions suggested, and of Beatrice Marchetti, model from Brescia.

The first is there Italian champion of skis and it is also there flag bearer for Italy at Winter Olympics, the other is a beautiful one influence e model, which made itself known to public especially for a small part he played in the movie Paolo Sorrentino, “Their”.

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Isola Dei Famosi: Kostner and Marchetti new shipwrecks


The episode of today opened with the usual clashes between castaways. In particular on the island are more and more turned on le liti fra Gilles Rocca and Daniela Martani, which continues to accuse the actor of being male chauvinist.

After giving way to both of explain oneself and have collected the impressions of the others competitors and of opinion makers Ilary Blasi announced to his followers castaways a surprise.

After a presentation clip, thus, the presenter opened the connection with Isolde Kostner and Beatrice Marchetti, ready to jump off the plane that brought them in beach.

After greeted everyone, so, the two are throw in the waters dell’Honduras, officially kicking off theirs path. According to pundits the Kostner will bring some brio in the group, thanks to the character strong e decided. And also Beatrice it just seems determined.

“More than one model I’m a warrior, as a child she looks Xena and I said I wanted to be like her. So I will be on the island”.

in fact announced in his presentation clip! We just have to to discover how will the two fit into the group!

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