Who is Beatrice Marchetti, the new castaway of L’Isola Dei Famosi

Who is Beatrice Marchetti, the new castaway of L’Isola Dei Famosi
Who is Beatrice Marchetti, the new castaway of L’Isola Dei Famosi

It’s a’Island Of The Famous definitely bizarre what we are witnessing this year where the apparently stronger characters are killed in no time (see Vera Gemma, saved for the broken headphone thanks to Playa Esperanza) and the so-called “alpha males” are immediately transformed into tender cats (see the good Andrea Cerioli), while the real fulcrum of the scene is not so much what happens in Hounduras, thousands and thousands of kilometers from our house, but what happens in the studio where, to be the master, are the always funny jokes of Ilary Blasi or the digs vitriol by Tommaso Zorzi.

Yes, for now onIsola little or nothing happened (apart from the famous quarrel between Awed and the rest of the companions) and the producers of the reality show of channel 5 noticed it, calling on other new competitors who, hopefully, can bring some new dynamics to the inside the game, upsetting the daily routine of the castaways. In tonight’s episode then (barring last-minute unforeseen events) ex ski champion Isolde Kostner and model Beatrice Marchetti will join the game, two tough and determined women who, for one reason or another, should give new life to the program. Certainly the undertaking is difficult but not impossible, so we just have to wait for their landing in Cayos Cochinos and see what happens. Stay tuned.

Who is Beatrice Marchetti

Originally from the province of Brescia, 25 years old, 181 cm tall, very blue eyes, thick hair and a statuesque physique that cannot go unnoticed. Beatrice entered the world of fashion at a very young age, where her irrepressible but natural beauty led her to parade on some of the most chic and exclusive catwalks in the world. After attending an incredible amount of photo shoots and fashion weeks, in 2018 Marchetti made her debut in the cinema with the film by Paolo Sorrentino Their, whose cast, among other things, included top-notch actors such as Riccardo Scamarcio, Kasia Smutniak and Toni Servillo. A truly prestigious debut that has led the name of Beatrice to be in great demand both on the big as well as on the small screen, and which today sees her arrive atIsland Of The Famous 2021, where she hopes to be known for what she is: a sunny, smart, determined girl with a “nice temper”. Practically a sort of Tommaso Zorzi in a female version here.

Of course, the winner of the last edition of the Big Brother Vip and the model from Brescia are profoundly different in many respects it would be missed, but both seem to share the same dream, which would then break through in the entertainment world. But if Tommaso’s desire seems to have been fulfilled in a definitive way, Beatrice’s is still “in the making” and still to be written. The premises for a sparkling and successful career, however, seem to be all there, after all, if even an immense director like Sorrentino wanted her by his side, it means that Marchetti has what it takes to become a true champion.. At this point good luck Beatrice and good Isola!

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