Valentina Cenni, wife in love with the musician Stefano Bollani: that’s who she is

Valentina Cenni, wife in love with the musician Stefano Bollani: that’s who she is
Valentina Cenni, wife in love with the musician Stefano Bollani: that’s who she is
The well-known Italian musician, Stefano Bollani, is married to Valentina Cenni. But who is the latter? Let’s find out what it does together
Stefano Bollani (Instagram)

The composer Stefano Bollani began to stand out in his field from the mid-nineties, especially since he met the trumpeter Enrico Rava.

Together with the latter he has in fact consecrated himself worldwide, performing in a myriad of concerts. Furthermore the duo has recorded about fifteen discs, of which the first is entitled “Certain secret corners”.

Throughout his brilliant career, however, Bollani has collaborated with several other prominent artists, including Bill Frisell, Gabriele Mirabassi e Phil Woods. Thanks to his ability to play the piano, he was able to perform in the best Italian opera houses and beyond.

Stefano has also contributed to television and radio with his music and soundtracks. Furthermore, currently presents a program broadcast on Rai 3, entitled “Via dei Matti number 0”.

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Who is Stefano Bollani’s wife?

The program just mentioned was conceived by the composer himself together with his wife, who is also at his side as a co-host.. His name corresponds to that of Valentina Cenni, theater and film actress.

Within the transmission presented by the pair of artists, the central theme is music, a great passion of both. Last year instead, the two were at the helm of “Evviva”, broadcast on the frequencies of the Rai Radio 3 broadcaster.

Valentina is ten years younger than her partnerHowever, the age difference was not a burden for them, who happily share private life and, lately, also work. The actress and the musician so far have not had children, but the latter in the past has given birth to two, Leone and Frida. They are the fruit of the sentimental relationship with his ex-wife Petra Magoni.

In addition to acting and music, Cenni has several passions. She is in love with art in general, including dance and photography. Finally, she has made the covers of some albums, including several of her husband’s, the last of which was released only last year.

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