Maneskin, Victoria De Angelis reveals: “We had kicked out Damiano”

Maneskin, Victoria De Angelis reveals: “We had kicked out Damiano”
Maneskin, Victoria De Angelis reveals: “We had kicked out Damiano”

In a recent interview with Corriere della Sera, Victoria De Angelis recalled the origins of the Maneskins by revealing that Damiano had been replaced for a period.

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Gives XFactor to date i Maneskin they have come a long way, carving out a significant space in the Italian music scene and coming to triumph at the last festival of Sanremo. But what the Maneskin before rising to prominence and achieving success, only the most avid fans could know it. In an interview a few weeks ago at the Corriere della Sera, the bassist Victoria De Angelis retraced the origins of the band revealing new aspects, including the questioning of the famous frontman, Damiano David.

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Victoria De Angelis: “Damiano removed from Maneskin because too pop”

It can be said that Victoria De Angelis played a decisive role in the birth of the Maneskin. The bassist explained that many years ago she had set up several groups and in one of the first there was also Damiano. At that time the group’s name was The Third Room because they played a classroom 3. “We were doing metal – underlined al Corriere della Sera – but Damiano wanted to do more pop things, so we pushed him away ”.

Victoria he then explained that he had met afterwards Thomas Raggi, the guitarist of Maneskin, with whom he changed several singers: “Nobody convinced us. At a certain point we had found a good girl, but she lived outside Rome and could not fit the commitments “. Then the return of Damiano David: “He came back, he wrote me that he wanted to be serious: it was no longer a blowjob, he had improved”.

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After the composition of the trio, the drummer arrived, Eithan Press, “Found putting a notice on Facebook”. Thus were officially born the Maneskin we all know, who are now preparing for a new one tour in the sports halls, which should start on December 14, Covid permitting, and then end at the Verona Arena in the spring, on April 23. The dates in Rome and Milan are already sold out.