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Bongo is, bongo cha cha cha“. If you are used to scrolling through TikTok’s For You, you will surely have at least one video with this background audio. Maybe initially you thought you heard “clam”, but no, we are talking about a bongo, musical instrument similar to the drum. Today we explain where this song comes from and all its curiosities.

The song has gone viral on TikTok in recent weeks. First in the Spanish countries, from Europe to South America, and then also in Germany and Italy. The trend to follow is simple: it presents itself in one way when the instruments are played, it appears in another when the artist begins to sing. A simple step (model: expectation vs reality) but the curiosity of curiosities is that it is about a 100% Italian song!

Screensaver of cha cha cha”Is a song by Caterina Valente, singer born in Paris of Italian parents in 1931, one of the first “pop stars” of our music with over 18 million records sold all over the world. A song, in fact designed to dance the cha cha cha, recorded in the 1959: 62 years ago, gone viral thanks to social media and cinema. In fact, someone will remember that the now viral song is also present in the soundtrack of a very successful film of recent years, that is Spider Man: Far from Home.

Bongo cha cha cha, the test of TikTok trend

Here are some lines of lyrics from the song by Caterina Valente, those of the parts related to the trend of TikTok:

Bongo la, bongo cha cha
Tell me about South America
What they say over there
Maybe it’s fantasy and nothing more

Bongo la, bongo cha cha
It really is that great
Tell me honestly
What do you do on nights in Rio?

Did you know these trivia about the TikTok trend?


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