Giulia Salemi meets the son of Pierpaolo Pretelli

During an interview, Pierpaolo Pretelli reveals that on Easter day, his girlfriend Giulia Salemi met Leonardo, the son of the former gieffino, had from a previous relationship with Ariadna Romero. The meeting took place on Easter Sunday.

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In an interview for RTL 102.5 Pierpaolo Pretelli revealed that Giulia Salemi, the girlfriend he met in the house of Big Brother VIP 5, she met her son for the first time Leonardo just yesterday, on the occasion of Easter.

Fans of the romance between Giulia e Pierpaolo they have been waiting for this moment since the day Pierpaolo came out runner-up from the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. To demonstrate that i Prelemi they are serious, Giulia met the one who is the most important person in the life of Pierpaolo: his son.

The meeting told by Pierpaolo

The revelation took place during a radio interview with RTL 102.5: Pierpaolo Pretelli he told that Giulia Salemi he finally met Leonardo, the child ofex gieffino. The occasion was Easter spent together, and the two seem to get along so well that they make dad Pierpaolo extremely happy.

From the words of the finalist of the GF VIP 5, the three would spend hours together on Easter day and the meeting would be fine enough to fill Pierpaolo of happiness. Pretelli reveals that since the time of the relationship with Ariadne, mother of the child Leonardo, he had never introduced any woman to his son e Giulia it would therefore be the first.

“My son is the most important person and if I let him know Giulia something it means. She is the first woman I introduce to my son after separation from Ariadne.”

From Pretelli’s story, the meeting would take place outdoors, near his home, and for a few hours Giulia, Pierpaolo and the little one Leonardo they played together. Giulia, according to Pierpaolo, is very patient and attentive with children, so much so that she immediately establishes an excellent bond with Leonardo, who, immediately conquered, proposed to her, with the tenderness typical of children, to become his girlfriend.

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The love between Giulia and Pierpaolo


Giulia Salemi e Pierpaolo Pretelli they fell in love during their stay in the house of the Big Brother VIP 5. Not everyone was confident about them, and many predicted a crisis as soon as they were out of the reality show Channel 5.

A month after the end of the program he saw Pierpaolo to finish runner-up, things seem to be going splendidly between the two. The same Pretelli explained that he would never arrange the meeting between Giulia and the little one Leonardo if he had not been aware of the depth of the feelings felt between the two ex gieffini.

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