Amorilandia, was the villa of Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo | A beautiful house to go crazy for

A love nest that was used by one of the most loved couples on TV, which unfortunately is no longer united.
Villa Amorilandia

The wonderful villa is called Amorilandia, name given to her by a famous couple from the show … or at least, a former couple from the show!

The villa is in one of the most beautiful residential areas of Rome and includes all the comforts you could wish for, including a mega swimming pool included in a garden and three floors with an immense amount of rooms.

Considered the perfect love nest until the end of their marriage, the two lovebirds we are talking about spent most of their time as a couple there.

In the villa the classic style blends with the modern one: bright white walls with antique furniture

The couple in question

Let’s talk about Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D’Alessio, unfortunately separated last year, but until the moment of their divorce very close-knit.

“Anna and I haven’t been together for a while”, he posted. “Gigi and I haven’t been together for a while”, her version.

“We tried every way, but we couldn’t. It happens to many, it has happened to us too. Our paths diverge, but I’m sure we will always walk side by side for our son Andrea. It is for him that I hope that our privacy, in this difficult and delicate moment, will be respected. ”

The announcement in question had been posted via social media and immediately the tears of fans who loved the couple.

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The reason for the breakup

Yet there were apparently no reasons for this sudden break. Probably just the busy life of the Neapolitan singer.

In fact, anyone entered the Olgiata villa when Gigi was at home, from the three children born from the previous relationship, to workmates, to friends. Never a moment of serenity or peace.

Moreover, D’Alessio was constantly engaged in external works, hosted on television and his entire career linked to music: concerts, promotions, videos, etc …

In short, a very busy life that Anna probably no longer liked, considering also the almost twenty years of difference between the two.

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