Vincenzo, between canvases and pastels to tell the pandemic

Vincenzo, between canvases and pastels to tell the pandemic
Vincenzo, between canvases and pastels to tell the pandemic

Fifteen works that tell the Covid era. This is the idea of ​​Vincenzo Greco, an architect and artist from Livorno. The story

Monday 5 April 2021 – 08:21

by Giulia Bellaveglia

CIntense colors and decisive features tell the evolution of the pandemic, from lockdown upon arrival of the vaccines.
This is the case with the works of Vincenzo Greco, architect and artist from Livorno, who proposes a series of creations focused on the Coronavirus theme.
“This particular health situation has deeply affected all of us, but it is undeniable that it has also left us a lot of free time – he explains – As a painter I certainly couldn’t avoid telling stories and I decided to do it my way. The period seemed to me a surreal circumstance, which no one would have imagined, totally unknown. To describe it I was inspired by painters

surrealists, especially to Magritte, who said I love images whose meaning is unknown as the meaning of the mind itself is unknown, a conception that has served me as inspiration to be able to express this dramatic reality”.
Fifteen ideas that through acrylic, pastels, canvas and cardboard trace a pictorial history by re-proposing the emotions related to the various phases of the health emergency. “The first works describe the initial moments, the worst ones, in which we were afraid and the surrounding reality was an unknown – he continues, going into detail – The following paintings instead contain hope for the future, for the

salvation of humanity. Finally, the latest are representations of joy, due to the discovery that the vaccine exists and can be distributed to each of us “.
The story of the Labronian artist comes from afar, from an award obtained when he was just a child. “When I was ten I participated in a painting competition open to all and I won it – he says – This prompted me to continue painting and during the years of high school I also attended an art school. At the university I enrolled in architecture, but close to the faculty there was the Academy of Fine Arts so I chose to follow those courses too. As a professional I then had the honor

to direct two important works for the monuments of the city: the restoration of the Church of Santa Lucia on the occasion of the jubilee and the implementation plan for the recovery of the spaces of the Terme del Corallo ”.
The future is hopeful. “I don’t paint to sell, but for passion – he concludes – My greatest satisfaction would be to create an exhibition through which I can share with others the moods that my works communicate”.

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