“But really?” – Free Daily

“But really?” – Free Daily
“But really?” – Free Daily

The usual suspects of the web, the haters, the keyboard lions. In short, those who have very little to do. In this case they are unleashed against Maria Elena Boschi, deputy of Italia Viva and above all very much in love with Giulio Berruti, so much so that he recently confided to very true of Silvia Toffanin, broadcast on Channel 5, of wanting a baby with her man. But so be it. To unleash the uproar against the former minister is a photo published by Boschi in person on his Instagram profile.

Here she is, therefore, smiling in the foreground with Berruti, “hidden” by a pair of sunglasses. Photo posted on Easter Sunday, which the deputy spent with her fiancée. And the image, as mentioned, has armed the usual fools, unleashed: “What did you do on Botox?“, this is one of the recurring comments. Smooth skin and above all the lips, which seem a little larger than usual, were enough for a sort of crossfire to be opened.

At the bottom of the photograph, Boschi wrote: “Even if it is another difficult year, Easter teaches us that light always wins over darkness! And also that we must be grateful for the loved ones that we have near Happy Easter to all! “Message that obviously from most, focus on the lips, was ignored.

In recent days, Boschi has also obtained a small and indirect revenge. Chi of Alfonso Signorini, in fact, he has published photographs of Lilli Gruber and her husband, who kissed outdoors and without a mask. Precisely that kind of photo for which Boschi, in a by now historical and very tense episode of Otto e Mezzo, was harshly and instrumentally criticized by Gruber.

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