Goodbye to cervical vertigo thanks to this efficient remedy at no cost

Goodbye to cervical vertigo thanks to this efficient remedy at no cost
Goodbye to cervical vertigo thanks to this efficient remedy at no cost

Those who suffer from cervical problems are unfortunately well aware of all the problems associated with it. Pain starting from the neck and radiating to the head, nausea, lack of concentration and sometimes confusion. But the symptom that causes more discomfort and sometimes compromises the performance of daily habits is vertigo. In fact, those suffering from inflamed cervical often accuse dizziness and dizziness that do not even allow you to get out of bed.

The ProiezionidiBorsa team always recommends that you contact your doctor to evaluate a therapy to combat neck pain. At the same time, experts recommend some exercises aimed at reducing cervical inflammation and consequently dizziness.

Goodbye to cervical vertigo thanks to this efficient remedy at no cost

The exercises we offer can be done comfortably at home without spending a single euro, doing them with care and caution. Obviously, the dizziness will not disappear immediately, since it is the inflamed neck that causes them and if you do not treat it, they will persist. We remind you that you have to go to your doctor and then focus on exercises. Day after day, thanks to a therapy indicated by the doctor, neck pain will improve.

The exercises focus on breathing to try to relieve the tension accumulated on the neck and on the stretching of the involved area which includes muscles and vertebrae.

Here are the exercises to counteract cervical inflammation

1) First of all we lie down with our legs bent and our feet firmly planted on the ground and together. Now let’s focus on diaphragmatic breathing, inhaling with the nose and exhaling with the mouth. It may be helpful to keep a weight of about 2 kg on your stomach to better feel the movement, as it must be as relaxed as possible. The back must be straight and must not stiffen and the breaths must be slow and deep.

2) We move on to stretches and maintain the same position assumed but with the left (or right) arm along the side and the right (or left) arm on the chest. We try to bring the arm back, without arching the back and above all without tilting the head, and then downwards.

3) We sit cross-legged as close to the wall as possible with the head resting and straight. We slightly bend the head forward with the hands behind and maintain the position for about ten seconds, repeating the exercise for as many times.

4) After that we put ourselves on our stomach and open our arms and lift them for about fifteen times and finally we return to the lying position on our stomach. We slightly move the neck and chin backwards and detach the head from the floor by a few centimeters almost imperceptibly and keep a few seconds.

Here’s how we say goodbye to cervical dizziness with this efficient, no-cost remedy. Combined above all with the advice of the doctor. In fact, we specify that the therapy to be followed is always the one indicated by the doctor and that the dizziness due to the inflamed neck does not disappear immediately, unfortunately. It takes time and patience but by combining therapy and some targeted exercise, our efforts will pay off.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings regarding this article, which can be consulted who”)


Goodbye cervical vertigo efficient remedy cost

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