Active Benessere, Cattolica’s new coverage dedicated to health

Active Benessere, Cattolica’s new coverage dedicated to health
Active Benessere, Cattolica’s new coverage dedicated to health

The salute is under control with Cattolica Assicurazioni. From prevention to convalescence, through diagnosis and treatment, each phase involving the well-being of customers is represented by one of the dimensions of the new offer of Active Wellness, product made by the Company and designed together with Generals Welion dedicated to individuals, families and company employees.

Active Benessere, Cattolica’s insurance coverage

Created to be present in every moment of life, like the solutions of the “Active”Of Cattolica already available on the market, this particular one insurance coverage it goes beyond the damage-refund logic. In fact, there are many innovative style services created by the company which counts over 3.5 million Italians among its customers. At the heart of the package, lifestyle and physical well-being, even touching on more targeted aspects relating to health in the most traditional sense of the term.

It starts from “Prevention“, with access to the dedicated portal that provides for interaction with the Wellness Coach, an expert who explains the path to take to improve the quality of health. Built with the Confederation of Health Districts of the Veneto Region, the programs are based on a virtuous collaboration between the public and private sectors, from family doctors to health companies located throughout Italy. The portal allows the opening of the claim and the consultation of the medical records and health bookings, the delivery of medicines at home and the tele / video consultation 24 hours a day, without reservation. Added to this is access to affiliated facilities and specialist visits at discounted rates, through the Welion Card.

Diagnosis“, on the other hand, allows the reimbursement of exams, assessments and specialistic examinations in affiliated studies or laboratories, complete with a second medical opinion after a diagnosis already made. There is also research and booking of specialist visits or psychological telephone support in the event of a diagnosis with an unfavorable outcome. Daily allowance in case of recovery, direct payment of health costs, at affiliated facilities, and hospitalization with or without surgery are part of “Care“. Among the treatments are organ transplantation, alternative medicine, psychological assistance, dental services and the use of equipment and aids. And then there is the capital to deal with any kind of eventuality in the event of a serious illness.

Last is “Convalescence“, Dedicated to the daily allowance and reimbursement for i therapeutic treatments and rehabilitation. There is hospitalization at home, the completion of home services with the use of nurses and physiotherapists as well as the provision of medical equipment. Also included are the transfer from home and the return from the healthcare institution, personal trainer and telephone consultation with an expert of the nutrition.

In case of epidemic O pandemic, like the one from Covid-19, the ad hoc solutions are expanding, including psychological support for new mothers, pediatric home visits, telephone information on maternity, nurseries and handling of paperwork at support of new parents. In the event of medical malpractice, there is protection to guarantee the rights in favor of the insured, with the payment of any legal fees.

Active Wellness, health first of all

Carlalberto Crippa, Business Development & Marketing Director of Cattolica Assicurazioni, underlines the importance of the insurance profile, created for the customer and to protect every aspect of their health: “Health is increasingly the first concern of Italians. With Active Benessere we launch a complete insurance solution on the market that makes our customers protagonists of their health starting from the correct management of prevention and allows them to take advantage of services, experience, technology and wellness professionals. The platform of services accessible through Generali Welion plays a fundamental role in this process, thanks to which we have developed a 360-degree offer, highly customizable and able to accompany all phases of a person’s well-being.”.

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