Renzetti Hospital, Taglieri (M5s): “The center-right makes nuclear medicine disappear and weakens the analysis laboratory”

Renzetti Hospital, Taglieri (M5s): “The center-right makes nuclear medicine disappear and weakens the analysis laboratory”
Renzetti Hospital, Taglieri (M5s): “The center-right makes nuclear medicine disappear and weakens the analysis laboratory”
LAUNCH. “After having denied any democratic confrontation on the draft of the hospital network reorganization plan in the Health Commission, the center-right aims to make effective its inability to plan health care in Abruzzo. To the arrogance in the form, is thus added the improvisation in the content of a document of vital importance, which rewrites the geography of the hospitals in our territory, and which is light years away from the real needs of citizens. While waiting for the plan to arrive in the regional council for approval, the vain attempt by the majority to distract public opinion by propaganda on the distribution of departments based more on chance than on the realities of individual principals continues. Too bad for them that this behavior does not hide the serious consequences of their choices, which will affect users and staff. For example, Nuclear Medicine was canceled at the Renzetti Hospital in Lanciano and the Analysis Laboratory was weakened. These are two very hard blows inflicted on our health system which the Lega, Fratelli d’Italia and Forza Italia citizens will have to answer for ”.

These are the words of the vice-president of the M5S High-altitude Health Commission Francesco Taglieri, who then goes into detail: “The Simple Operating Unit of Nuclear Medicine in Lanciano is a fundamental point of reference for the area, so much so that in the pre-Covid era the 12 thousand exams a year, many of which related to the MOC, essential for diagnosing osteoporosis, and also tests such as thyroid ultrasound, fine needle aspiration and bone scintigraphy were performed. A department that has a doctor, two radiology technicians and two nurses, who, instead of being thanked for the extraordinary work completed, will be rewarded with the closure of the unit. In the future, if things do not change, the approximately 400 thousand inhabitants who refer to the ASL 02 will only have the Nuclear Medicine of Chieti available. Cuts will also be made at the Analysis Laboratory, another flagship of the garrison and capable of analyzing tests sent by other structures, which from a Complex Operating Unit becomes a Simple Operating Unit. The plan wanted by the general manager of the Asl Schael is being carried out, which on the one hand aims at centralization at the expense of the principals scattered throughout the territory, and on the other hand outsources services, putting them in the hands of universities or private individuals, thus forcing citizens to pay them at much higher prices than the public health ticket, as happens with antibody titration. This is what happens in 2021, the year in which the center-right promised important investments for Renzetti. Nothing could be further from reality considering also the fact that the second CT scan never arrived in the garrison, the second 118 h24 ambulance was never activated, and that the continuing shortage of health personnel is becoming increasingly disabling “.

“We are – he concludes – in a Region that has a drain of about 200 million euros of passive mobility, despite the national government, in light of the Covid emergency and the necessary territorial reorganization, has given the Marsilio junta transfers of funds five times greater than in the past. This means that when there is neither the ability nor the will to plan for the long term, the consequences are constant cuts in health care. It is now clear to everyone that the document that will arrive in the council is short-sighted, out of touch with reality and with a very high probability of being rejected at the ministerial monitoring table. And it is probably for this reason that they did not have the courage to confront each other in the Council, demonstrating that they are unable to manage something as fundamental as the protection of public health of the Abruzzo people in a democratic and efficient way “.

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Renzetti Hospital Taglieri M5s centerright nuclear medicine disappear weakens analysis laboratory

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